I didn't realize that it had been this long since I had written anything. I don't want to get into how I feel lately (healthwise---just bad), so I will just say that I have been busy with schooling the kids and trying to get some energy despite the fact that I exercise and eat well. 

I took the kids to the park just a bit ago and actually drove there. I had no energy to walk like usual. They played, I slept with the window rolled down. 

Now I am here with a pile of laundry, a girl who got dirty in the lake water who is taking a quick bath, and the phone is ringing. 

The end.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking it sounded nice that you took a nap in the car.

The End

Groovy Mom said...

I never used to love naps. That was back when I could take them whenever I wanted. Now that I love them, I can't have them.

Bee Repartee said...

Are you feeling bad? I'm sorry. :(