Sometimes You Don't Have to Look

I was reminded by EmmaSometimes about a little incident that happened at Target a handful of months ago.

You know, turning thirty sort of makes you bolder. I mean, I don't care so much if I make a fool of myself, correct people that are younger than me, or say something when it needs to be said. Which brings me to what should have been an embarrassing moment for me.

The Girl and I were in the ladies restroom. Typically we share a stall and I have her go first and then I go next. I know, we fit together in a little one, yes it is tight, but I like to know that my daughter is not caressing the filth of the bathrooms, even though she will be directly washing her hands when she is through.

There were two employees at a sink talking. They were both young---maybe eighteen----one an employee in training and another the trainer. I could tell somehow. They were messing with their hair and talking sort of loud. The Girl and I went into our stall and did our routine---except when I was doing my business the Girl accidentally opened the stall door---it having a severe malfunction like they all seem to---and there it flung wide open for the world to see me. I called the Girl's name to prompt her to get the door back to close. In typical Girl fashion, she felt terrible for the situation and sort of froze by my disapproval. I realized in a quick second I had to grab the door myself before it flung to the furthest of its capacity.

I could not believe what happened next. As I went to get the door, the employees watched me. They full on looked at me, even when they had vocal warning and knew what was going on. They looked at me while I was half clothed. Their heads turned to look at me with absolutely no shame whatsoever. I glanced at them and shut the door.

"You don't HAVE to LOOK!" I said.

Of course, the temptation to be embarrassed throughout the rest of my stay at Target while those young ladies were on the loose tried to get hold of me. Instead, I held my head high and acted like normal. They both had the nerve to keep looking at me, making it obvious they saw me in my glory in the bathroom stall. I saw more about them than they saw of me, that is for sure!


Groovy Mom said...

Well, how rude!

I'm not sure what I would have said in the same situation. If anything. Good for you for speaking up!

Uncle Joe said...

that happens to me every time I go to the ladies room at Target.
rude employees staring at me!!

Emma Sometimes said...

That's embarrassing!! They just stood there and stared? Hhhhidiots!!!

Anonymous said...

The youth of today are mentally inept.

Anonymous said...


Alisa said...

R -- I'm glad you said something. I hope they felt embarrassed! Seriously!

doozie -- Don't you think your first comment is a bit generalized?

Anonymous said...

doozie--don't you think your second comment is moronic.

Anonymous said...

alisa, no, I think it is just a funny comment that doesn't even make sense. I rarely make sense, and rarely am serious about what I say... ;)

Anonymous said...

ponderthis: kissthis

just kidding.

and yes.
it is indeed moronic. but then again that is how i roll

Carolanne said...

I'm not sure how I would have reacted if I was you and know that I wouldn't have looked if I was them. I might have said, "Don't you have the same parts?" or something stupid like that but not thought of it until well and truly after the 'event'. LOL

Emma Sometimes said...


We all drink lava lamps around here and joke about being on crack, as opposed to R, who talks about showing hers. That about sums it up.


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