#1 Thing

Because I am out of wits and things to write about, I decided to take on Avery's six things. I have probably already done it, but I can do it again, no one reads the archives.

1. I hate coinage. Many of you know this. I just recently got a job at night when the Prof. is home. I have to deal with coinage. I have to (I almost can't bear to say it) pull all the pennies out of the register at night and count them one by one.
The guy training me: "So you just take out the various change, one by one, and count it, plug it into the register when your are done."

I nodded. Pick it up? Is he crazy?
I forget that other people don't have problems with this. I asked the Prof later that night if bringing gloves solely for the purpose of counting the coinage would look weird.
"Yes," he said.
"Well, there is hand sanitizer in the back room, I'll use that."
"Whatever, just don't bring gloves. People will think you are a freak and you will never live it down."

At Co-op on Monday the kids in Spanish class were prompted to count various items in baggies (all in Spanish). One of the baggies was filled with dirty, rusty pennies. I was assisting so I had to instruct and watch this madness. I told the kid to open the bag, pour out the pennies, count them. He did, but mid way he licked his finger for some reason, wiped his arm with the same finger that was licked, and left a dirty mark. I almost threw up all over the table. My stomach is churning just thinking about it.

And I will leave #2 for tomorrow since I have written quite enough already.


Mrs. Sinta said...

I am kind of baffled...what is it about coinage that is so awful?

Mrs. Sinta said...

I am thinking that if the coinage gets to you that the Dream Interpretation field is wide open. Stick an ad on Craig's List. You know you want to do it.

Dapoppins said...

your issues with change make you unique...and a literal thinker. EmmaSometimes gave me hand sanitizer that connects to my key chain! There for I always have it near me! You need some stuff like that!

I get comments because I blog too much. But I have only topped the thirty mark twice...I think. Not that it matters, I keep telling myself, because it is not like I make any money doing this!

R said...

Sinta--I think it is because coins have many old ancient germs. I hate rusty metal----I just don't like the look of it. It makes me sick.

I think that I would be regarded as a nut case!!!!! LOL!!!

Dapoppins---I don't read as many blogs as I would like.

I just have too many hobbies!!! :)

That was nice of Emma. cool lady.

Groovy Mom said...

We're all nuts in one way or another. Just take a little bottle of hand sanitizer to work with you and tuck it in your pocket. It will be your own little security blanket.

Muley said...

Thanks for giving us your two cents worth on this subject. Don't take any wooden nickels, and that's my two bits.

Anonymous said...

your phobia doesn't make cents to me.

....ok that was bad.

do you have other quirky fears with stuff that other people may have touched....like, door handles,
pens etc

maybe you need to be one of those people who lives in a bubble thing.

Pastor X said...

having known you for many years, this story is near and dear to my heart!

R said...

You guys are too crazy. I am not. Nope, no way.

Pastor X---Glad that I have known you for many years---or at least you know me---I have not a clue who you are, to be honest! Now you must know how crazy I truly am!!! :)

Pastor X said...

Well it was my first "blog" ever, and yes, you do know me very well. I have no idea how I became "Pastor X" - do you know me now?

R said...

Still not sure, but I have a few people in mind, I suppose.

Do you work in Meridian?

Pastor X said...

What's a Meridian?

Avery Gray said...

I used to swallow pennies as a kid. I'll bet you're never going to read my blog again, huh?