It is now my job to always go in the crawl space every spring and turn on the water. Then, in the fall, I get the lovely privilege of turning it off. It is not a terrible crawl space, just a little cramped and uh, spidery. This time I just saw a bunch of spider eggs. Gross. I guess I will have to go back down there this week with some spray. Yack.

I got a new dish washing machine, like I said. I can't believe it washes dishes. I mean, you can leave food on dishes and it will leave them sparkling when finished. It really is incredible. The Professor still refuses to "not rinse" despite my argument that this is a brand new washer that says on the instruction manual, "it is not necessary to rinse the dishes."

Last night when at work (I work in shoes at a famous dept. store) a lady asked me if we had a certain style of shoe in different colors.
"No," I said, "we only have what is out."
She looked at me like she was going to hurl the shoe at me. "Now I don't believe that!" She snarled.

To appease her I looked in the system to see if we had other colors besides the few we had. We didn't, like I knew. I told her. She went to the other guy I was working with and to appease her he looked in the back. He came back empty handed.
"Thanks for bothering to look in the BACK," she said to him, meaning I was too lazy to do that great service for her.

The guy I was working with glanced at me like, "what the heck is her problem?"

I would have helped her find something else but apparently she didn't like the look of me before I spoke, so I just avoided the whole mess and let the other guy deal with her. It was slow.

I don't get people that just think being a raunch to other people is acceptable. I don't care if I am an employee somewhere having to cater to someone's needs. She didn't have to pretty much say to my face that I am a liar.

You can never make everyone happy though. That's just life.


Groovy Mom said...

I never cease to be amazed by some people's nastiness. It stinks.

Mrs. Sinta said...

Here's a useful line: "That is not a good color for you; it would make you look heavier."

Uncle Joe said...

I think I told you I worked in retail for a long time.
I would just go in the backroom and take a drink of pop or whatever and wait about two minutes and then come back out apologizing.
Because: the customer 'never' believes you.
Once the owner of the store asked me to go look in the back even though I assured him there were none left.
We're all treated like we're idiots.

mabcat said...

Well, my two cents when it comes to retail is make them think you care. I have had all sorts of crazy, negative things happen to me. But then, there are the great interactions that make up for the bad ones. I was screamed at and told I was "SO IGNORANT" because I poured the companion of this guy coffee first. The main thing to remember is that what is wrong with them was wrong waaaay before they came into your sphere of influence and started making you miserable.
Also, you know grace.
I hope you have a better day post haste.

Anonymous said...

People who work in customer service are truly saints.

Keep holding on cause you know you'll make it through..make it through, just stay strong cause you know i'm here for you here for you, oh wait...thats a song sorry

Mrs. Sinta said...

doozie is funny.

Anonymous said...

i don't get the water off and on thing....please explain.

also, we have had dishwashers here for sometime now, - they are good.

(does the prof wash himself before he has a shower?)

Des said...

My new dishwasher is the best we've ever had, and I still can't stop rinsing the dishes before they go in. It's been drilled into me from all the times when I was a kid and my mother smacked me upside the head for not rinsing the dishes before I put them in...
When I worked in shoes at a large department store the rule was "Four on the Floor" no matter what the customer asked for, whether we had it or not, we were to go in the back and come out with four boxes of shoes = the one she asked for, one in a different color, and two in similar styles. We were expected to sell her at least one pair of shoes whether we had the style she asked for or not! That was a lot of shoes to put away.
Some customers shop when they are in a bad mood and just take it out on you. Maybe she had a fight with her husband or she has to replace all her old shoes with new ones because of some funky foot disease.

Uncle Joe said...

What kind of dishwasher do you have?
Our new one really sucks.