Today I got woken up by the Professor because the Girl has been ill and needed medicine. He could not find it. It was just as well because I was sniffling myself, barely able to fall back asleep. When doling out meds the man found a tick on the Girl's neck, completely latched on. Great.

I got my "ticked off" device and removed the nasty thing. The man hopped around a bit, watching, because he had to pull the Girl's hair taut. Ticks make him very jumpy and nervous. Yesterday I caught a bumble bee that made its way into the house by scooping it up in a glass and covering the top with my ten year anniversary card. Nice and stiff. Then I took the buzzing glass and released the bee by lifting the card once outside.

Remember my Oldest is afraid of flying things. He shrieked the whole time. It was a big bee though. For one of the first times in his life, he hid in the sunroom (where the bees tend to fly into) to seek shelter. He crouched down into a corner and yelped for a good spell until I got the flying insect out of the house.

So, since I am all pumped full of Sudafed, I am feeling a bit out of it. I ran six miles and then the delivery truck came from Ikea. I ordered myself a bed and the boys a new dresser. I put them all together in a few hours and cut myself multiple times on nails, sharp metal pieces, wooden corners, and anything else potentially hazardous. I also knocked my knees against many things in addition to a few things falling on my toes and bed slats smacking against my ankles. I have been continually saying loudly, "That felt great!"

Well, my hair was in literal knots by the time I got to the shower.

Now I am here and I have to pick up a pizza.



Uncle Joe said...

All the Green Earth people congratulate you on letting the bumblebee go so it may "Be fruitful and pollinate" just like the Bible says.
Green Cathedral was Green before being Green was politically correct.
Green Cathedral and Kermit the Frog.

Are the Green Earth people aliens?

Mrs. Sinta said...

I am thinking that you are a total Renaissance woman, able to do all things well!

R said...

Uncle Joe---I think they are aliens. Good question.

Mrs. Sinta---It is all a facade. I also cut myself well too.

Groovy Mom said...

You are like a modern day pioneer woman! Amazing! :-)

doozie said...

Walter is deathly afraid of tics. I have to hear about it everytime we go near the woods. That and fear of dirty hippies

Bee Repartee said...

Ticks. Eww. Those dillys are nasty.

I love IKEA.

Hope the Girl is feeling better.