They All Like to Torture Me

Yesterday I took my Oldest to his piano lesson. Since the previous day was his teacher's birthday, we went and bought a little cake and the numbers 3 and 0 to put on top. Yes, she is the dreaded age, the one to nail the coffin shut. 

I laughed as I bought the numbers. As you know, I am already thirty and I didn't even get a cake with the number thirty on it, so it was sort of fun to do. It felt good, in a bad way. She didn't want to be reminded that she is now thirty. 

"Wow! She is turning thirty?!" yelped Eraser Eater, "You look younger than thirty and you are thirty-four!"

My head almost spun off. 


"Oh yeah, that's right. Dad is thirty-four. Sorry, Mom."

Heaven help me when I turn thirty-four.

No, heaven help you when I turn thirty-four. That's more like it.

Or heaven help the Professor. Gee whiz.

Last night upon getting under the covers he felt my arm. "Goose flesh," he said.
"Don't say that."
"What? Why?" he chuckled.
"It is one of my words I can't stand."
"It's British, it's cool, so be prepared to hear that the rest of your life."
I shoved him.
"Goose flesh!"
"Be quiet."


Groovy Mom said...

34 was good.



Uncle Joe said...

I was such a stud when I was 34.
Ask AJ.

Goose flesh?

show him the double fisted back hand.
he'll be apologizing then.

that's what AJ does to me anyway.

Bee Repartee said...

realage.com says I'm 27, so it's all good, right?

Are you okay? Are you alive? My kids are home for spring break and Monday is not coming soon enough with all this rain!

Call the WAAAAAAMBULANCE! I'm a whiner!

Mrs. Sinta said...

The Oldest will be 21 tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there was a lot more than that going on under the covers but we will respectfully ignore that and move on with our lives. Hey..how bout those bears?

Dapoppins said...

The goose part is okay...but flesh is such a CSI kind of word...

Dreaded thirty four...old. soo very OLD. Do you need a cane while you run? How about a special pair of glasses to find all your "hopes and dreams?"

Just thought I would put my foot-in-my mouth to see if it tastes okay.

Not bad. Really.