This is Scary

You Are a Lemon

You have a very distinct personality. And if you're not being sweet, you're a little hard to take.
You're a bit overpowering, especially in one on one situations.

And while you are very dominant, sometimes your power is needed and appreciated.
You can liven up a dull situation, and you definitely bring a fresh outlook.

You are a bit of an acquired taste, and you tend to grow on people over time.
People feel refreshed and rejuvenated after spending time with you.

The only reason why I put this on my blog was because I went on Groovy Mom's blog and saw this, thought I would answer a few questions and see if it was really that accurate. For years I have told people that I am "an acquired taste." I almost fell off my chair when I just read that. This thing is psychic.


Groovy Mom said...

Oh good, I'm not the only one who was amazed that a fruit quiz could be so accurate!

When I was reading your description I was thinking of the mole killing story of yours. (Was it a mole?)

R said...

Yep, it was a mole. LOL! I forgot about that! I have seared you!

I think you and I are a couple of fruits! Buh-boom-boom

Groovy Mom said...

I won't argue with that. lol!

Avery Gray said...

Mine was pretty accurate, too! It says I'm a banana:

"You are mellow, easy going, and a total softie on the inside.
People find it really easy to get along with you. You suit most tastes.

And while you're very sweet, you're not boring or ordinary.
You have an attraction to the exotic, and you could show up anywhere... doing almost anything!

You are spirited, energetic, and a total kick to be around.
You're also quite funny. Your sense of humor is on the goofy side, and it fits you well."

Is that me or what?!

Carolanne said...

I'm a strawberry. Just as well I love strawberries. :)

R said...

Avery---I think that IS you!! I also thought I saw a little bit of Doozie in there too, which makes me think even more that you, Doozie, and Emma are the fabulous three. I had said before that you are a mix of the both of them, which is hilarious. You are certainly not boring or ordinary, that's for sure!!! Quite exotic!!

Carolanne---I would think you would be a strawberry!!! Does the description fit you? Just curious. :)