I Am a Funeral

I am writing on The Professor's laptop (Dear Sir's) because the iMac I usually write on crashed last night. Every stinking thing is breaking down lately. Ever since the guitar incident it has pervaded everything. I was literally afraid to turn my treadmill on this morning, thinking that it too was going to break. I didn't mention that my famous ghetto oven is biting it right now. Every time I turn it on it lets out this nasty electric stink. Not good. So, hopefully we will get to buying a new oven soon. I was sure to buy some bread and cold cuts for dinner.

If we lost every song on itunes we have ever bought I am going to snap Steve Jobs in half. Or whoever it was that made apple---or started it---or whatever. And all our pictures----what a total bummer.

I am sure it is a dreadful thing to click on Green Cathedral lately. Nothing good is happening. Things are bad right now.

On a positive note, I have some slight news about my guitar---I will post about it once it happens though. We will see.


Groovy Mom said...

I hope things will look up for you soon. Can't blog about it?

Anonymous said...

if only all gadgety things were reliable. do you know anyone who hasn't had a problem with a computer????

Mrs. Sinta said...

I am sorry.

August said...

I think things are built with a specific lifetime in mind so that we are forced to buy new which would be fine but 1) what about the money and 2) what about the environment?

I believe I have some kind of wierd magnetic field around me or at least protruding from my fingertips because I have such bad history with electronics.

R said...

Groovy--I try not to blog too much about some things. It depends. I may think on it while on the treadmill (if it doesn't break first).

Ponder---no, I don't know of anyone, you are right. Our first computer was a Gateway and it crashed and died a few years later because of the solar flares (on the sun---what the heck?). Then, we got a dell and we still have it, but we got some funds to purchase the iMac we have now, so it stinks it may have to be fixed. Grr...And I would advise that no one ever buys an HP laptop or computer. Those things are terrible. The Prof. got one for school years ago and after six months it died all the time and the warranty was out at six months, so he spent a grand or so on it for nothing. Computers are money wasters but they are so nice to have.

Mrs. Sinta---thank you. I am sorry about your foot! And I loved hearing that you went to the wrong meeting, but it ended up being the RIGHT meeting! How cool!

August--yeah, you are right, but the Mac is literally not old. It is well-made and great. The oven is from the pit of hell and old as dirt---Mongomery Ward, mind you. How long have they been out of business? The nob for bake time broke off so I had to tape it on. I know. What a moron I am. Just buy a new oven. I figured if it still worked, I would wait until the last minute. Well gee, I have to get one now. Grrr...

Maybe I have that magnetic field too. Something to think about at least!

Uncle Joe said...

I'm sorta new here,
that really stinks.
our comp crashed a few years ago w/tons of stuff on it..
where can I read about your guitar or yourmusic or whatever?
are you a singer?


Dapoppins said...

It happens like that...every thing breaks in threes, and then two more things break just to screw with your mind.

R said...

uncle joe---Yes, I am a singer. If you just come up here again you will see that I put a new song up and then from there you can look at other stuff I have done (there are more songs to click on).

As far as the guitar madness--I am sure all you have to do is look up guitar on my blog and you will get to see all the goodies about how my guitar biffed it. Terrible story.

Note though, that the guitar on the videos is not the guitar that biffed it. The black one is my first guitar, my trusty Takamine. The guitar that biffed it is my beautiful but horribly cracked expensive Martin guitar. It is not black, but natural.

Thanks for reading and being interested! Just as a warning too, my music is mostly "Christian".