Humor Me By Listening

This is a new song I have been working on---I know I need new hair, I just got out of the shower, give me a break.

Here are the words:

Come By Hasting

I call Your name
How long to hear me
You've tried my heart
And found it lacking

Heal me O Lord
Anguish to my bones
Rescue my soul
And leave me not alone

O surround me
Alone I am wasting
O engulf me
Come by hasting

Arise O Lord
Save my soul from death
All my iniquity
Let not one jot be left


Return O Lord
Receive my prayer on high
To You alone
To You alone I cry



Groovy Mom said...

I love it when you share your music with us. This was beautiful, Rachel!

Anne said...

I just love your voice - very pleasing to my ears.

Mrs. Sinta said...

I love it.

Anonymous said...

Hauntingly beautiful.

Uncle Joe said...


is that in Em?

R said...

Uncle Joe---maybe it is too early in the morning for me to ask you this question----what? Is what in Em? Sorry, I am oftentimes a doofus and people have to remind me of something that I should know but don't, or maybe that I just have no brain in the morning, which is most likely.

Des said...

Oh, Rachel, so very beautiful (including the hair, and I mean that. Hearing you sing this morning lifted me from a grey place. Now I feel like cleaning my house with an unusual lightness of Spirit! You are a talented vessel and your voice is a gift. I want you on my iPod.

Uncle Joe said...

Was the first chord of the song E minor?

R said...

I told you that I am an idiot in the morning!!! That totally makes sense. Duh.

No, actually it is A2.

The chord progression is A2, Em7, G, D.

Chorus is C, G D G C G D Em

and that's it.

R said...

Thank you Des!!!!

Uncle Joe said...

thanks, I was trying to play along and didn't know if our guitars were tuned the same...I picked up on some of the chords but some of them flew over my head...

ps. how do you record yourself like that?

R said...

Uncle Joe---Cool! I have a love hate relationship with the way I strum. I don't know if I even know basic strum patterns; I just do whatever I think works. LOL

I use my Mac. Right now our iMac is broken and being fixed, but we also have a laptop. Mac has this cool movie program that records you or takes photos of you where you are sitting looking right at it. There is a built in camera on top of the screen. All I do is open up the program, and I make a new file and click a few times and it records me.

The audio isn't the greatest, but it gets the job done.

What kind of guitar do you have?

Uncle Joe said...

My acoustic electric is an Epiphone EJ Musicians friend blem special.
I've also got a '75 Les Paul Deluxe and an Epiphone Joe Pass Sheraton model and a couple other electrics I picked up from Musicians friend when I went to their warehouse in Kansas City a few years ago...
btw I'm a Christian so sing away sister!

R said...

I think I have tried to play an electric once when I was with my band practicing. Those things are heavy but surprisingly easy to play in comparison to an acoustic!

I only have my two acoustics. One broken, one not. :)

Great to hear from you!

Avery Gray said...

Rachel, you are so beautiful! Everything about you. God has blessed you with amazing talent. Thank you so much for sharing it.

Carolanne said...

Beautiful, Rachel!

Your song was saying exactly how I've felt lately. Thank you!

Aunt Jo said...

Great song! You have a beautiful voice....

Emma Sometimes said...

RACHEY!! WOOHOO! ~clapping wildly~ that was amazing!

I listened to it twice and by second time around I had the harmony. We sound so good together..hehe.

So, what is going on with your Martin? I'm going to call you tomorrow if I can..my voice is much better now (and I can breathe, so that is always good).

Outstanding, chicka!

R said...

Avery---Thank you. That means a lot. Especially from you---queen of books and music!!

Carolanne---I am so glad that the song was something you could relate to. I feel that way all the time!!!

Aunt Jo---Thank you! And thanks for visiting!

Emma---I am just glad you feel better, woman! I will be at Co-op today, but perhaps I can give you a call tomorrow---I should have tons to iron and loads of laundry to fold. Argh. I did hardly a stitch last week.

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement! I would love to sing with you!!

Natalie said...

i love the chorus, especially!