If Manageable

Yes, if manageable, I will start calling Dear Sir 'The Professor.' I will try to remember to type that in when relating to him. He hates the name I have given him, so I will call him something less insulting. He is not a professor, but he should be, and by golly he certainly has earned it in my estimation. That is what Dear Sir meant to me anyway. A sort of Professorish authority in the home. But names mean different things to different people.

Now, don't think Professor like the professor on Gilligan's Island. Think pipes and tweed suits. Scratchy wool and a hint of leather. A man who, when opening a book for the first time, places his nose gently in the opened crease and inhales. A man who can smoke you and your really smart brother at Trivial Pursuit. A man who can say one sentence in an argument and end it right there. A man whose brain is at full capacity so he has to use his hollow femur for back-up. A man who is cordial, polite, witty, and just dang smashing. I swoon at intelligence.

On another note, I got The Parent Trap (the one with Lindsay) for Family Fun Night. The boys weren't sure what it was about and the Girl said, "It is about girls."
The Oldest said, "Do they trap people?" For some reason that struck me funny.

Yesterday my daughter said that she wants Queen Elizabeth to be her mommy. Can't top that. I ain't no Queen Elizabeth. She read a book for school about her and how she told her soldiers on the beach that she would "stay with them." After reading the book she drew a picture of the Queen and wrote, "Stay with me, Queen Elizabeth!" Except she wrote, "stay with me qeen Alisudith!" That's enough to make any mom mad.


Anonymous said...

are you sure you want to type out all that professor stuff all the time? maybe you should shorten it to the prof. or just prof.

I'm not sure I like that queen except she is very wise, shes like a miniature buddha covered in hair

Anonymous said...

Queen Elizabeth? Seriously? TeeHee

Avery Gray said...

Dude, has she seen "The Queen" with Helen Mirren? Show it to her. See if she still wants her for a mom.

Bitch is frigid.

(P.S. Your comment to my last post had me in tears. Seriously. Thank you.)

R said...

Doozie---LOL. She can't top me, that's for sure. Oh good grief, she was the QUEEN, for goodness' sake. She topped me when she was born. I am a mere peasant. But that is ok I guess. I think I may just do Prof.

Lisa---yeah, the very one, second founder of the Anglican church!? At least that is what the Prof. says.

Avery---Those ladies had to be fierce, I tell ya.

And you are welcome. I meant every word of it.

Anne said...

So is that Professor like "Nanny and the Professor?" Are you the Nanny?