Well, our big iMac is up and running again. We lost EVERYTHING. Including pictures and songs from itunes. Lovely, huh?

It is nice typing on this great big thing (compared to the little laptop I was using before), I feel like I am an old lady who needs to see bigger type.

Speaking of old ladies---I have been having back and neck pain lately. Does that go away without treatment? I literally had the Professor put Bengay on me last night. I smelled like a wintergreen mint all night. And I hurt. Is it because I have bad posture? I do put this ridiculously heavy bag on my shoulder on Mondays, which I decided to stop because maybe that is the culprit (this is the Oldest's favorite word).

"Who made that terrible pounding upstairs?!" I scream from below.

Soon enough, the Oldest has the Girl by the scruff of the neck, leading her downstairs saying, "Here is the culprit!"

I have issues coming up with definitions even though I may know what they mean. "Mom, what does culprit mean, anyway? I mean, what is the definition?"

"Look it up, you know I can't use my brain in the morning." And truly I can't. Don't make me confess to anything, speak about anything important, or make any plans in the morning. I will not remember nor will I make any sense whatsoever. My brain is in such a fog that I can't think of simple words like "the" or "is". I know what I want to say, sort of, but the fog is so heavy that getting into the archives is like battling a swarm of soldiers, and I am Conan, all alone. He does kill them all eventually.

I have not thought of Conan in a long time. Conan the Barbarian. I love that soundtrack. Of course, now if I get it on itunes I would probably lose it the way things are going right now.


Uncle Joe said...

I'm a fan of chiropractors having learned the hard way to trust them.

accupuncture is another thing I believe in now. it's better than taking all the muscle relaxers the reg. doctor give you. but everybody is different.
I've also noticed that sitting down and playing the guitar or even at the computer will hurt my back and neck because of the angle of my head, always looking down...
but that's just me...

Groovy Mom said...

Stress can cause back and neck pain too. I read somewhere that if you hate your job that is often manifested in back pain. I remember telling my husband about it because he did hate his job and constantly had back pain, was in physical therapy all the time. He loves his job now, and no back pain. Of course, he's not lifting thousands of pounds of steel a day now either, and I suppose that could also have been the CULPRIT.

(Do I get extra points for using your word in a sentence?)

Mrs. Sinta said...

Are you still playing your guitar? That can cause neck and back pain. We just ordered a special cushion for the Abby girl. It is specially made for guitars to sit on on your lap. If you want the address, I can send it to you. She said that it makes a huge difference. Her teacher recommended it. Maybe your guitar is the CULPRIT. (I get points if groovy mom gets points!)

R said...

Uncle Joe---Chiropractor, maybe, Acupuncture, no way.

Plenty of drugs, why not.

Groovy---That is a possibility. Truly. You get a schmillion points.

Sinta---Yes, I am still playing and it is aggravated by guitar playing too. I should just stand up and play and my worry would be over for the most part. If I had my MARTIN it would be a lot lighter on my shoulder.

You get a drillion points.

Anonymous said...

you're such a nut! kids rock...they absolutely rock! I love the stuff they spout off.

as for your pain in the regions mentioned, you might try signing up for krav maga, and then you won't even think about the other stuff. Thats how I roll

Todd said...

If you insist on continuing running I would suggest you purchase mass quantities of Ben Gay and Icy Hot.

Try biking or swimming. I hear those eliptical machines are good too. Your body will thank you.

As for data loss, I just signed up for a two month free trial at http://carbonite.com/

I heard it advertised on the Laura Ingraham show. If you type the name "Laura" in the offer code you get two months for free instead of just 15 days. After that I will decide whether paying 50 bucks a year is worth it to me.

R said...

Running is not giving me back pain---I don't know what is. I think maybe guitar playing, so I will just have to deal with it.

I already spent a ton on a treadmill, so when my knees are shot, I will go to an eliptical then. Never before then.

I haven't been able to run though lately because I am not doing well; don't quite know what is wrong with me. Maybe some hormonal issues or diet issues, I am not sure. I feel run down and fatigued constantly and it is ruining my life. Hopefully I will get some answers at the end of the month when I visit a specialist. It is literally driving me nuts. So for now, I am taking it easy on the running; my body just does not have enough energy for it right now.