Memories of the Wheel

For some reason I think this coffee is the bomb. It is way better than bitter and nasty Starbucks. I realize that I have almost just about thrashed my good name to many others, but I guess I just can't resist. Besides, it is much easier to just put the pre-ground coffee particles in the filter just after opening the can than getting the beans out of a bag, grinding them up, etc, etc.

The sad thing is that I bought this coffee originally a handful of years ago because I remembered the advertisement on Wheel of Fortune as a kid. Chock Full O' Nuts was always played (there was a song) before Mentholatum Deep Heating Rub. And the can is just plain attractive, don't you think? I must admit it tastes a tad strange next to some of the coffees I have been drinking lately, but I like it. I like it.

And once in awhile, life for a homeschooling house wife is very much like the job of Vanna White. The poor lass goes from one side of the puzzle board to the next endlessly---tapping on letter tiles. She used to manually flip them over. When I go from table to counter to table to counter endlessly for meals and school and whatnot, I always think of Vanna White. And from time to time I think of how she once said at the end of the show that she loves chocolate chips without the chocolate chips. And she uses a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on her toothbrush. Every time I make chocolate chip cookies I look at the sad blob on the cookie sheet that has a lack of chips and think, Vanna would like that one. Every time I put a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on my toothbrush (which is always the case) I think of Vanna and all her tile flipping drudgery.

Remember when people could pick prizes? I want the his and hers ski set!
Those were the days.


August said...

it's so funny you posted about this ... we were just having a discussion about coffee (my friends and I) the other day because I'm trying to find a really smooth tasting coffee I don't need to add a ton of flavored creamer to ... one of my friends dads said Chok ful o' nuts (is that heavenly coffee) was one of the best, so I just bought it. I normally drink 8 O'clock hazlenut and grind the beans every morning so it has been a nice break not to... but... I still add a ton of vanilla creamer to it... bummer... it is good though.

Uncle Joe said...

I like Chockfullofnuts.

I used to work for a coffee co. and got to drink some wonderful coffees on a weekly basis.
I love Douwe Egberts the best.
Kona coffee, so expensive but really wonderful taste.
when I learned of the incredibly high markup on coffee I bought a small roaster and some green coffee beans and have been home roasting.
tastes a lot better than anything retail bought.
saves money in the long run

speaking of chock full of nuts, have you seen the new tv show Eli Stone?
very interesting use of a chock full of nuts can...

I'll bore you with one more story, guitar related.
I had a guitar that was my 30th birtday present from family. Not a great guitar but playable anyway. I think a Washburn. At church one Sunday I sang a song for my sunday school teacher that I wrote for him and his family and sang at his deacon ordination or whatever you call it. After the service we went over to eat lunch at the Family life center and when I walked back over to get my guitar his daughter met me at the door crying.
She had picked up the guitar to play around with it and the strap came undone and the neck snapped off when the guitar hit part of the podium.
I had to learn to forgive very quickly that day.

R said...

August! That's funny!

Uncle Joe---Yeah, it is hard for me to be forgiving about the guitar incident, perhaps. I am not sure. It takes a lot for me to stay mad; I am no longer mad about it, or even sad. I think other factors make the matter worse that I will not relate on the blog here.

That is hard to deal with, a girl crying, a neck broken. Yikes. Thanks for the story. I need to hear it.

Emma Sometimes said...

I like Starbucks house coffee, but I'm always surprised Folgers tastes as good as it does.

I buy my beans at Costco(Sam's Club) because they use Starbucks beans and roast them right there. Starbucks doesn't roast their Latin American beans well, at all..

I like Rogers Coffee and anything fair trade, cause I'm a granola like that. (don't tell Avery that I'm one of THOSE hippies)

Groovy Mom said...

I loved it when people could pick prizes. That was so cool. Now, Vanna's job is sorta sad. I mean, there is no reason to have her there. The tiles no longer need flipping. If they can light up the tiles from the production studio, you know they could also reveal the letters. It's like old Vanna is just a tradition with no real purpose. It might feel that way to be a homeschooling mom some days, but that is so not the case, right?

Anonymous said...

i've never heard of vanna white but it seems kind of sad now that she's tappin not flippin.

reminds me of when i was in japan a couple of years back. we went to a restaurant where you paid an amount of yen and it covered your meal and drinks. when you wanted a beer, you got it from a machine (ie you put your glass in the spot and push a button, and hey presto, your glass gets filled with beer). it's very nifty but instead of having a bar person serve you, said bar person stands next to the machine and keeps an eye on it to make sure it is working properly.

Anonymous said...

the best coffee I've ever had period was Cains. I don't know if its a regional thing or not, but if you can find it, TRY IT! So good. (It comes in a yellow, square package)

Uncle Joe said...

wow, Cain's is the co. I worked for.
she's talking about their retail vacuum pack which oddly enough I never cared for.

R said...

Emma----I hate Folgers, but recently I had it and it surprised me too. I wonder if they changed something. I also used to buy that green bag of Starbucks at Costco too, but I actually prefer Rwandan Coffee (Land of a Thousand Hills) and bought some of that when the SB ran out. Now I have nothing good, just CFON, which is actually good.

Groovy---Yeah, it is not always the case, we are worth SOMETHING. We may not look as pretty as we do it though!!! Ha ha.

Ponder---that is quite funny about the Japanese bartender, He was the vending machine supervisor!

Ali---Cains, huh? I think I have seen that package before. In the past, I mean, not sure about now. I decided to look it up to see if I could finds some online, and found that Chock Full O Nuts bought them out (at least that is what I read)! Huh. I will keep my eye out for it everywhere I go. It is rare you find King Vitamin down the cereal aisle these days too.

Uncle Joe---How funny! I hope it is still around so I can try it!!! :)

Uncle Joe said...

Cains's is/was a regional coffee co. started in Tulsa Oklahoma.
They were bought out by Sara Lee Coffee and Tea a few years back.

they have retail and restaurant coffee.
the restaurant coffee is WAY better made with better beans, tho' some folks swear by the brick pack.
send us your address and we'll send you some. no prob.
my email is on my profile page.

R said...

Ok, so I feel dumb. I did not realize you had a blog. I hate the way blogger and comments/profile is set up because either I am a moron (which is more likely) or blogger is stupid, because I can not get a maximized anything when clicking on a profile. So I just give up. I will work on it later in the day.

Anonymous said...

I remember too. :o)

Anne said...

My husband roasts his own coffee beans... in a hot air popcorn popper.

I liked it when they went shopping too. Oh, I use a drop of toothpaste smaller than a pea.

Anne said...

More on coffee - I never really have been a coffee drinker but recently I can really tell the difference in fresh roasted beans. They have a sour smell and taste after they've been roasted too long. Hubby gets his beans from Sweet Maria's. You might like home roasting.

Leslee said...

coffee... haven't had it in a while. coffee and morning sickness didn't mix so well. someday though....

i think it's great they haven't fired vanna even though she's just there to look pretty.