Many Things and my Live-In Elrond of Sorts

Amazing Allysen just up and quit talking right after my post on Friday. Apparently she asked my daughter to hand her her cell phone so she could dial a friend for Truth or Dare and then she started yapping but no sound would come out. The way my daughter imitates the incident cracks me up. I was quick to write etoys about the issue and they said, "no worries, dispose of that doll as you see fit and we are shipping you a new one express mail."

WHA??? What sort of good fortune is that?! Unheard of customer service! I am going to have to give them eleven stars in their review. Let's just hope this Allysen actually holds up and works.

My Martin is still in the shop. Maybe it will be back on Thursday? My phantom Martin...it has been eleven weeks. Did you hear that? ELEVEN WEEKS. Eleven sets of seven. Seventy seven days? Nope, seventy eight.

I saw 300 over the weekend. Thank goodness for rentals, eh? Good grief, Dear Sir and I have not been to a movie in ages. I mean, real ages. No sitter. And we probably couldn't afford one anyway. It gets to look like ten bucks an hour around here, no joke. Dinner and a movie quickly turns into over a hundred bucks with that kind of spending.

About 300---I don't think those abs were real. I mean, they looked gross, and I don't know if they are humanly possible. Even on a Spartan. Maybe I am wrong. And that is pretty much all I have to say about that movie!

And the mailbox that got annihilated about a month ago---still is sitting there in the same state. Anyone have advice on what to say to the slacker neighbors to get them to fix it? I find it very interesting that they have to fix our mailbox now when they can't even walk to get their mail. You know, the drive box people? Search your memory. I just ran a lot and I am too tired to link it. They are famous in my house for pulling up to their mailbox every day and getting their mail in that fashion instead of getting out of the car once they get home and walking a few steps to retrieve.

Dear Sir's birthday is tomorrow. The man will be younger than his real age (I estimate it to be around 71 years). He is an elf, I tell you. A man of the ancient times, who cracks old, dusty books open and inhales ancient mites. He is a very patient man. His ability to wait is a gift many of us never are able to grasp. And he is smart. Real smart. And he acts like I am smart too, but it is ok that he is just being nice because like I said, he is an old soul and he is a wise man. Wise men do this. The day after watching 300 he gave me a huge lesson by mouth about Xerxes, the Spartans, and all that stuff. I think he was there, man. And you know what? That's why I don't think those abs were real because he saw them. He witnessed them.

I think he senses I am writing this so I better go.

Also, I think Carolanne tagged me for a meme since my name is Rachel, but not sure. I will do it anyway just in case :) :


1. Do not seek to please anyone on this earth except God. If you do this, you will find that this will miraculously please others as well, but always please God first and foremost. Live in love.

2. I am not perfect so please do not put me on a pedestal. I will fail you, but God will not. My failings I hope, will show you how great the measure of God's grace is.

3. Flee from idolatry---nothing else will satisfy you like God, which brings me back to #1. (Game Cubes, cars, money, spouses, etc will not fulfill you)

4. You need a degree if you want to get a decent job. This is learned the hard way.

5. Discipline physically and spiritually (this the most) is how one should go about living as an adult.


shealyisnottheantichrist said...

300 has a great soundtrack. I haven't seen the movie, but enjoyed the music. We read about it ages ago in school. (Our book never mentioned abs!) The A girl really liked the movie.

Anonymous said...

I didn't even know what 300 was. Have you inhaled some of those ancient mites too? ;o)

Love your 5!

~Jennifer said...

Wow, that is great customer service. Excellent.

I will respectfully disagree with you on number 4, of your meme, however. There are many paths to fulfillment, and money isn't the only measure of a good job, but I see nothing wrong with encouraging one's children to aim toward earning a degree if that is how they're bent. :-)

Anonymous said...

One of the things I appreciate the most about you, R, is the way you talk about Dear Sir. Your love and sincere respect for him is so obvious - even when you're joking. I like that!

I loved your five things, but as for number 4, well, I guess it depends on what you mean by a "decent" job. One that earns lots of money, power, respect? Or one that makes you happy and fulfilled.

Of course, both would be nice. :-)

R said...

Shealy---the abs are a bit too much, as I said before. Yes.

Lisa--I have taken a few whiffs, but only because I don't get how the man loves the smell so much.

Jennifer--What I mean by decent job is not necessarily money, although making enough to live on is a must. I mean sometimes if you,say, want to be an architect, you need to get that degree so you can do it. Perhaps I meant more that one needs a goal and should stick with it to plot one's life out. Degree or no degree. But, in this present world, to get a job that pays the rent, mortgage, bills, etc, you need a degree. And more and more it is looking that way.

You apply for a job with no degree and they are going to pick the guy with the degree instead. They won't even call you for an interview. Period.

JRH--I mean more what you "want" to do and get the degree to make the job happen once you earn it. Pick something that will make you happy, get a degree in it, and live your life, pay your bills, etc.

It makes sense.

shealyisnottheantichrist said...

I love your five.

Carolanne said...

I like your revamped number 4. I like your list. I even like you and the way you write/communicate. :)

Yes, you were the one I "unofficially" tagged and hoped would do the list.

Thank you!

KingJaymz said...

A big happy birthday Dear Sir.

Oh, and go out there at 2am and take the mailbox. That will force a replacement.

August said...

ooh now i know what R stands for. Yah moi. There's something about knowing your blog-friends real name that makes it more real.

That is great to hear about the Allyson customer service,

You're meme is great. Oh, and I never heard of 300.

Sorry about the lame comment. I am not feeling really bloggy today.

Anonymous said...

5 ways to get your mailbox fixed:

write to your congressperson


get a voodoo mailbox (like the doll) that represents the neighbors mailbox and stick nails in it, then leave it on their porch

just tell the idiots you need it fixed

lastly but not leastly, stab the perps who did it