Hey, Hey, My My

The Girl finished up her swimming lessons (she was taking level 1) and ended up getting a certificate that says she passed level 2! She also got a big raspberry sucker and ate it immediately when we got home.

I am about to head on out to the pool. It is blazing out there.

So I have a question. Every time you go in the kitchen and open up something that has a loud wrapper do your kids come rushing in wanting to get in on the goods? It is one of the most ridiculous phenomena in my home.

Since I am a guilt-ridden person I end up feeling bad when I say no or hoard the food for myself. I remember as a kid the Lucky Charms were dad's, the Drumsticks were dad's, the Jelly Bellys were dad's, the red, white, and blue popsicles were dad's. No one could touch them. I could name things too that were strictly my mom's as well.

I guess I don't feel guilty, never mind. It's my turn now. I almost flipped a lid one time when I found that the Oldest had eaten one of my three Cadbury Eggs that I consume a freaking year.

And I was so proud when I saw a video last night of Noel Gallagher playing a Takamine for MTV Unplugged. Even though I miss my Martin, it made me enjoy my own Tak more because you know, Noel plays one. And if you don't know who Noel is (get your head out from under that rock), he is the lead guitarist and most valuable member of Oasis.

Gotta get to the pool. Have a good one you guys.


~Jennifer said...

Okay, listening to Oasis right now. Never heard of them before.

My dad had stuff he hoarded too, but I always sneaked it. I discovered I could open a can of Pringles and make it look like it hadn't been opened, that is until my dad went to open it himself and found them half gone.

His treats were Pepsi, Pringles, Wheat Nuts, Whoppers, and Brach's chocolate covered bridge mix.

My son was mad at him once for a whole month because he refused to share his reeses peanut butter eggs with him. I mean what kinda grandpa doesn't share with his grandkids? That opened my dad's eyes just the tiniest bit about his need to hoard treats for himself.

Emma Sometimes said...

My kids have bionic ears too.

Have fun at the pool. Good for The Girl getting her lessons finished! Now she can show off at the pool. hehe.

Debra said...

I had to smile.... Our cats come running when I open even a can of peaches and I always feel bad when I tell them, "Sorry, this is not cat food." Does that count? :) Enjoy your pool...you are blessed! Blessings, Debra

Henny Penny said...

Pool? Ick.

Carolanne said...

My dad always had the most expensive stuff whereas we had the "plain label" stuff so I don't feel guilty hoarding my own stash of good things. Especially chocolates. But my dh and son eat any chocolate so I think it's a waste to give them expensive stuff when the cheap stuff is just as good to them. LOL

My students (and ex students a diff class) know when I open the lolly (sweets) container and they become very sweet to me and surround me with flattery. LOL Sometimes, I reward them for their flattery.

Anonymous said...

you need to make a loud noise to cover up the sound of the wrapper. perhaps a rattly cough....a loud fart....turn on the water....something.

I never understood parents who hoarded stuff they wouldn't let their kids have. What is up with that. It breeds selfishness. It makes me want to stab and stab.

those two paragraphs were contradictory

what is this pool of yours. a community pool? a neighborhood pool? a personal pool?

Dapoppins said...

Emma gave me carmel corn. A big box. The kids got an itty bitty taste. I ate the rest.
This, I do not feel guilty about.
Now cavities? No clean underware?
Shoes one size too small on growing feet? That I feel guilty about.