My Oldest just finished playing one measure of a dire sounding "Row, row, row your boat". He sang, "Life is but a dream!" and cackled a sort of haunting laugh.

It is gloomy and somewhat rainless outside today.

A friend turned me on to Flight of the Conchords. These guys are funny. Look em up on YouTube. Dear Sir loves this song. Reminds him of the Pet Shop Boys.

I have a mountain of laundry to fold and I better hop to it.

Do you guys think that the government hires people to go lower than the speed limit on country roads so that I can't go fast? Just wondered.


Carolanne said...

I'd never thought about that before but you do have a point. And what about those cars that are driving too slow when you need to be on time and the trucks that you need to pass on one lane roads, double lines....

Do you have double lines over there when you're not allowed to pass any car?

I'll walk to school today because it's not raining here yet. Maybe my new (replaced) umbrella will get wet!

Todd said...

Yes, they're called cops!

I rode with a State Trooper and one of his techniques was to drive about 5 miles below the speed limit and check out people as they passed him in the left lane. If they appeared nervous to pass he would get suspicious.

So maybe those slow drivers are cops in unmarked cars. Just kidding. It's probably retired people who are never in a rush to get anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Just God's way of telling us to slow down. :o)

R said...

Carolanne---Yes, we do have double lines! Good luck with your umbrella!!

Todd---I think they are hired by the government or something because they have "government" plates. In regular cars. The other week I was stuck behind some guy that looked like a farmer in a truck and he was going a snail's pace up a country road that goes 45. He was going maybe 35 if that. I looked at his plates and they were "government".

Lisa--I think that too, because I really can't afford the ticket prices here, but when a guy is going ten or more miles less than the speed limit and I need to be somewhere and there is no other lane to pass, good grief, I am a frustrated lunatic.