Annoying Allysen

Apparently the only one in this house with a cell phone is the annoying doll that talks. She is on it all the time. She has an especially annoying friend who has a dog that barks into the phone.

The girl really wanted this thing for Christmas but I was not willing to fork over a hundred bucks for it. Instead, we waited until now (when she has successfully kept her bed dry on a continual basis) to get the doll for her and it was half off! Yes! And she doesn't like running on cheap batteries, I have learned. She came out of the box moving around but her voice had no volume. Argh.

To make the day complete with misery (besides my daughter screaming at the doll so that she will hear her) the Game Cube just completely bit it and my Oldest utterly wept in despair. How pathetic. I had to go over there and get a new one and then all was fine after that. Good grief, you would have thought the last dog died.

Trust me, when my guitar finally gets back into my hands I will take a photo of it so you can see it. I am starting to think that it does not exist anymore and the world is playing tricks on me. I got a call from the repair guy yesterday and he said it will be one more week. The poor guy feels bad, I don't blame him, it is just hard to be without it, but ok enough. Hey, Noel Gallagher plays a Tak, I can do it too.

And the Girl got a haircut. Cute, huh?


Anonymous said...

Very cut haircut! 3 very cute girls. Thankfully, Rosie doesn't like dolls that make noise. Yay!

Hope you get your ax back soon! :o)

shealyisnottheantichrist said...

She looks like her doll.

Anne said...

That is a cutie patootie hair cut.

Okay, I don't believe you're gonna get your guitar back. I am quite astonished.

August said...

that's a cute picture. I don't know what I do without my geetar.

graybandit said...


Dapoppins said...

cute haircut!

Runnnnnn from the talking doll!