Honestly, I have not had time to do any blogging lately. Yesterday I went up to Dear Sir's work with the kids and we toured the building and went to lunch. I then went to my SIL's apartment to go to the pool with the kids and the piercing gate that gets in my head, and then I dropped the kids off with my man and went to band practice.

I sang myself practically hoarse.

And I want my Martin back. It is still, to this day, in the shop. It has been in for eight weeks now.

The ladies at the pool finally talked to me this morning but only asked if the girl with the blonde hair and blue eyes was mine and what grade she was in. I told them that she will be in first. They were about to ask if she went to school and I said that I homeschool. END CONVERSATION.

They ignored me the duration of the swimming lessons. People hate me, man. They hate me. I'm going to go cry myself to sleep tonight.

I have five plus miles to run today (I have been delaying it for a spell) and then I have to take the kids to the library where someone will most likely tell me to read the backs of books to get the proper info I need.

I am feeling bitter today. Maybe it is because I am so hot in this house (it is almost eighty degrees for some odd reason---I must report to Dear Sir about that) and I feel like a sweaty pig. And the drive box neighbors across the street took a huge truck and dismantled our mail box at ten o clock the other night but they have not fixed it yet. And I mean a couple of weeks ago they did this. They put a card in the mail box that was hanging by a thread that said "oops!" on it. Yeah, oops. I could barely open up the mailbox, it was all tweaky and lop-sided.

And I am getting hungry a lot, but then I don't eat as much as usual because for some reason I do get hungry but get full fast. Then about a half hour later I am starving again. It is annoying. I am the kind of person that eats a lot. Talks while eating yogurt over the phone. Makes no sense. People asking what I said over and over and then I get mad and have to repeat it. Dear Sir just gives up. "Are you doing something?" He will ask. "Yeah, eating," I will say. "I'll let you go..."

I think I am getting hungry because I am forcing myself to run five miles a day and so my body is probably dying slowly. My brother in law calls it beating myself to death. I rather like the sound of that. I pay penance that way, I guess. I always wimp out one day (usually Sunday) so I never hit the 30 miles a week mark because Saturday I usually just run a few miles for lack of time. Darn it. Who knows, if I hit thirty maybe I will start snacking on my kids.

Well, I better go and sweat some more in this eighty degree house. I have to call the DMV today too, that ought to be fun. Let's hope they don't ask what school my kids go to...


Emma Sometimes said...

so..(insert weird looks and uncomfortable silence) how does homeschooling work?

(Isn't that what follows?)

Henny Penny said...

Where do you go to get your books? Snort

Will your kids ever go to "real" school? HeeHaw

Can you tell I've heard a few myself?

Oops? Um... Does that imply that they're going to fix it?

R said...

Emma---Oh man, that question just hits my "you are so ignorant, can I slap you" button. And you know what? Before I had kids, before I knew what the heck I was doing, I thought the same things. I was an ignorant fool and then I realized that homeschooled children and homeschooling moms could teach me something. I am not saying it is the only way to go at all, but for me, it is. For my family situation and for our beliefs as a family, it works perfectly. ---And how dare I question anyone in the past about their decisions! WHO THE HECK AM I?
I am paying back, is what I am doing. LOL. Good to hear from your perspective since you were homeschooled yourself.

Henny Penny---I know, what a crock, eh? Can you imagine if your daughter was put in a class with kids that have learning disabilities? My oldest would probably see that fate. It would be tragic. The best thing for your daughter is to be at home with you learning from the best teacher God gave her.

They said they were going to fix it or replace it. Don't know when. Argh.

Lyssa said...

I'm so glad that I was homeschooled. I honestly wouldn't have been able to pursue music the way I did if I had had to attend a public school, eight to three, five days a week. I'm so blessed that my mom chose to keep me at home.

I thought you were allergic to blueberries...?

R said...

I am allergic to *most* raw things, mainly vegetables. The only veggies so far that I can eat raw with little to no reaction is lettuce or possibly a green bell pepper, but I am afraid to try it!!

I am pretty much highly allergic to everything except berries (weird, huh? I have never reacted to them in the past and if I ever did it was very little), minimal apple, grapes, and fruit with stones like peaches and plums. But again, I have to be careful. I think control with it all helps in that I don't eat a ton of it but eat only a little at a time.

So---thankfully, I can have those!!

Anonymous said...

I used to feel the same way when people said they took their kids to "Public Schools".. WHAT??? ICK. You public school taker heathens! Now my son goes to one. oops.

you made me laugh on this post, although I know you were bitter.

You have to brainstorm some really cool reply for the stupid people that get all wadded up over your homeschooling. By the way I have experienced all forms. Public, Christian and Homeschooling. I don't know what point I'm making with this. If I could, I would homeschool my son. He deserves it.

I admire mothers who have the patience and tenacity to do this. I would never hate you for it. Just applaud you.

You work harder than those other snippy mothers. You should just stab them and walk away.