I am a little better today, I got some good sleep.

When I get up I am immediately pummeled by the kids wanting food, especially coffee. I always hold back a bit and only let them have some if I have left overs (and that is rare) because I tend to think of it as an adult drink. And I don't have coffee every day. My kids LOVE coffee. I remember as a kid myself wanting my mother's coffee (she drank it black) because it smelled so good.

I remember the days as a kid going to church and sitting in the kitchen there while Mom and Dad were casting out demons in the pastor's lounge or delivering some sap from the sins of the flesh. I have talked about this some. I would be starving, eyeing half-eaten donuts but not hungry enough to desire graham crackers and drink watered down apple juice from Sunday School. Those were the times I went to Sunday School during the first service and then changed poopy diapers during the second service with the toddlers. The smell of strong (and probably gross) coffee down the hall always cheered me up and lured me in. I drank it black, like my mother, and loved it that way.

I think I loved it more for the forbidden nature of it rather than the taste itself. I am sure I would have enjoyed it more if I put the the sugar cubes (that I regularly sucked on) inside the Styrofoam cup instead of either, like I said, in my mouth, or cradled in the palm of my hand. There was truly nothing to do there, the boredom was endless. Too strong of coffee tasted good, it felt good to plop my head down on the faux wooden/black finished particle board fold up table, and I remember those days as being days where I was so hungry and tired I never knew what I wanted to do once I got home---eat or sleep. And we had a huge trip. And I got the lovely pleasure of crunching myself in the hatchback trunk. With my sister. The hour long drive would put a kink in my neck while my stomach rumbled and my fatigue set in. All I could think about was bed or a big fat hamburger. But where would I find the strength to eat it?

My parents never brought snacks. What is the deal with parents bringing snacks now days to everything? I ALWAYS do. I mean, if we go out for a drive I am packing the water and pretzels or something in case someone feels a hunger pang. I always carry a power bar in my purse for emergencies. If I don't need it, I dole it out to someone else who does.

I remember when my older brother and sister would come back to the church kitchen after hopping the wall and going to the Carl's Jr. next door. I always knew without lifting my head from the faux table it was Carl's because I could smell the mustard on the burger. McDonald's never did that (I think that is why they got more popular with kids). They usually earned their own money somehow and could purchase something to eat, while I had already spent my 50 cents on a Snickers for second breakfast. And since we lived so far away we were always in a rush to get to church anyway---I doubt we really ever ate breakfast. I just remember the seven of us running around like crazy getting ready and then piling in the car.

So coffee smelled good. But I was desperate then. I wonder if it is in my blood? My kids are coffee scavengers. If I have some cold stuff left in the pot they are on it. They want an iced coffee then (I make killer iced coffee). I frequently buy coffee ice cream too and they love that as well. But of course we live in a coffee society where a Starbucks is on every corner or everyone is toting a cup with a lid around indicating they spent four bucks for their morning pick me up. I do the math in my head at times and it freaks me out. I get one of those like ten times a YEAR. It is a treat, not a daily allowance. You brew the stuff at home. But that is just me.

"You'll stunt your growth, quit drinking that stuff!" some guy in a suit would say as he picks up a donut, takes a bite, and eyes me with my head on the table, cup in hand.

Yeah right, I would think.

That makes me laugh really. I am the tallest girl. My mother is 5'2, my older sister is around that, and I am 5'5. Heck, coffee made me grow.


~Jennifer said...

My two oldest kids drink coffee every day now. It used to be an occasional treat when they were younger, a little coffee with a lot of milk and a couple of teaspoons of sugar. Now they make a pot if I don't do it right away in the morning.

Dapoppins said...

What an interesting childhood. Yes, I tote snacks or make a plan. My children are not as well behaved as you were. If they were that hungry and bored they would have been bugging me every two minutes to LEAVE!

I was afraid to let my kids taste my coffee. They might like it and expect some. BUT it is MINE!

See, I knew you were a real Christian. You like Coffee!

shealyisnottheantichrist said...

I am glad you are doing better.
No real coffee drinkers at my house, but I like a cold Diet Pepsi after a good morning run.

Henny Penny said...

Coffee. Decaf. With cream and sugar substitute. Usually only in the fall-spring. I can't do the iced coffee thing.

August said...

I tried to go without coffee today and it just wasn't happening. I have fond memories of the smell of coffee as a child, and I know that my daughter will too because every morning she comes on my lap and begs for some, as she calls it "Caffiene, Yah Baby!" (from the movie "hoodwinked")

I hope you're feeling better than you did 2 days ago. I am really sorry you are so down. Don't read my post today, it's a poem I wrote 2 nights ago when I feeling down in the dumps myself. I feel better today but had nothing to write so I just typed out the poem. I don't even know if it makes sense.

Have a great weekend.

Carolanne said...

We had coffee at the school camp this past week and some students told me they're allowed to drink it at home. My other staff made me put rules on it like they could only have 1 mug a day and it must be before lunch. I also had to add that they were only allowed to have a mug if they were usually allowed to have coffee at home. A couple of kids tried sneaking it past me.......

R said...

Jennifer---I laughed thinking of your kids making their own coffee. How cute!!!

Dapoppins--yes, I had an interesting childhood and then in many respects a very uninteresting one too.

I was pretty tame, just overly emotional---my oldest brother claimed that I always acted like I had a movie camera following me around, which I am afraid was true of my behavior. I have since mellowed out quite a bit and have become less dramatic. More suicidal you might say. LOL.

Shealy---that sounds good.

Henny--you must try it.

August--read your post, enjoyed it thoroughly. You crack me up. "I make no sense"

Carolanne---I guess coffee can be like the drink equivalent to cigarettes!!! How funny!!

Anonymous said...

so that's where your daughter gets all the drama!!! from you!

ok, the coffee thing. I didn't used to like it until they invented candy coffee, now I'm hooked but I don't have candy coffee very much for the reasons you said. $$$$$$

I made myself some french press coffee today and apparently i've forgotton how much to put in because it is nasty. but i'm drinking it anyway.

I want to hear more about your parents and their casting out of demons. And why you didn't just eat a stinkin donut when no one was looking

Emma Sometimes said...


I like mine black. With a fork.

I think I shall post on the merit of making a good cup of joe.