Thinking in the Heath

JRH is pretty cool to place upon me the Thinking Blogger Award. (Not that it is real, but I have never won anything before but a Bubblicious skateboard in the eighties, so I will act like it is real for fun).

"The rules for accepting said award, according to Jennifer's amazingly thoughtful site, are as follows (I copy this from JRH's blog, Turkey on Whole Wheat):

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think;
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme
3. Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote. "

So I am not worthy of this at all. All I make you people think about is unmentionables---my Room 101's and the maddening life of a woman who is playing house. It was only last year or the year before that I was continually drenched in urine and up to my ears in excrement. Life has gotten better. The kids have grown older and I am a big woman. Thank you, JRH, you never cease to crack me up and make me remember my old Southern California life. You people do live quite differently. But you are amazing, because you get that crisp, cool California breeze wafting through your windows in a path from the ocean when the sun goes down. And man, you must elaborate on the "chaotic writing style." What, in tarnation, does that mean? I am by no means insulted, if you are wondering.

So, here are the bloggers that make me think:

1. Shealyisnottheantichrist. Her dry and ridiculous wit confuses me and cracks me up. When she talks politics she gets the wheels turning in my head and I am not sure what I just read. She definitely is a unique individual and I wish she lived next door to me. She reads all the stuff I don't read and I read all the stuff she doesn't read. In short, she is a genius and I want her to rub off on me. She is also a very godly woman with a submission and godliness that I honor.

2. KingJaymz. I think that any guy that has a blog address of "life outside the bathroom" has to be up my alley. I love how in his writing he integrates godly principles and thoughts right alongside the humor of daily life. He is like the brother universal. The brother in the blog. I try to set a time just like with JRH's blog entries, to read his writing and enjoy it rather than skim it. This man will make an exceptional counselor.

3. As I See it Now. I have to say that this woman is a great example to me (as is Shealy). She is an empty nester who is so comfortable with it and glorifies God in all she does. I love reading about her life and I too will one day be an empty nester and see through her what it will be like. She reminds me of what I wish to be (as I am being sanctified)---a woman with a gentle and quiet spirit, as Saint Peter says. Ok, I don't know her very well, but what she writes is very keen and I have much to learn being a stupid twenty-nine year old.

4. C Outside the Box. Um, I just adore Carolanne. I love what she writes and I think it so awesome how encouraging her husband is to her on her blog. I love to read his comments. Their relationship is a great example to me of caring for one another. I love how she is this amazing teacher with faults just like everyone else and she just gives it all to the Lord. I am encouraged by how good her son is to her. Again, I want this godliness to seep into me and influence me greatly! She writes long posts (like every one I am mentioning) but you will find once you read them they are worth the read.

5. I want to say Dear Sir but he hates this stuff because he is too much of a thinker. Someone once asked me in stupefied wonderment, "How did you get him? I mean, he is so, like, smart, and I mean, you are smart, sort of, but he is like, really smart and uh, I mean, you read books, so that is good, but he.....?" I did not know whether to be insulted or to be complimented. I mean, if I were to try to talk theology with this man it would be sort of hard. I am intelligent enough to understand that I would have to know a lot of terms in order to know what the heck another term means. That is why we don't discuss it. C.S. Lewis is as far as it gets. Ok, the man is intimidating to me, I confess. It used to bother me, but now it doesn't. He is always kind about my lack of articulation. I always biff up idioms and I always say sentences inverted and twisted around. I am like a female Yoda that lacks a lot of sense. When I read, most of what I read leaves my brain within the hour. When Dear Sir reads, it stays in the brain. It swirls around in there making him ten times as smart. His kryptonite, however, is manual labor that involves some sort of mechanical usage, and this is where I step in. I am not at my full potential in this area by any means, but I am capable.

And so here is to all of you who make me think. I lift my Wonder Woman mug to you.

BTW--Happy Anniversary to my Clym Yeobright; I am forever your Eustacia watching for you from Rainbarrow with the heath poking in her dress. These nine years have been the only nine years.


~Jennifer said...

Congrats! This is where the thinking blogger awards originates. Not my site. :-) I was just a recipient.

JRH said...

Ah, well, I'm glad you weren't insulted, and I believe I did say "sometimes" chaotic writing style. It just seems like you occasionally, abruptly change lanes without signalling, and yet you always make it to your destination without wrecking anything. I like that. It appeals to me.
By the way, where is tarnation anyway?

R said...

Jennifer--I know, but I was too lazy. I wanted to give you yet another award, but I am sure you would hate to have to do all those links all over again---you'd just refer everyone to your prior post!

JRH--No, I am not insulted at all. I like anything that is different, in fact. You did say "sometimes". :)
Your description just now using the analogy of driving is a nice complement to me, thanks!

Tarnation is the hick way of saying "What in the heck is that?" Instead you say, "What in tarnation is that?"

Gotta say it with a southern accent.

Ba Doozie said...

I've never been nominated for any awards, I think what this says about me, is while I do have great hair, I am lacking in other areas, the area's that get you awarded with awards and such

Shealyisnottheantichrist said...

I am so incredibly honored at receiving this award. I would like to thank God who invented me, and my first grade teacher, Mrs. Myers, who taught me how to read and write. I would also thank my kindergarten teacher, but she always seemed to wear black and intimidated me greatly. When I graduated from kindergarten, I felt like a failure, and never thought for a moment that I would one day have the privilege of thanking you for this prestigious award.

The Woman said...

Tarnation is way farther south than me. Hillbillies don't use that word.

I applaud your choices.

R said...


I was actually going to nominate you but I thought for some reason you already had an award.

Shealy---I am so glad you like it. :)

Woman--I am not very south either, in fact, I am pretty near the Mason-Dixon line, but still in Dixie, to my relief. I am a southern sympathizer.

You win the blog that makes me happy award.

The Woman said...

Me? Aww... You are SO sweet!

Anne said...

What is it with coinage and cheese?

R said...

Woman, yep, you.

Anne--I don't know. It is some real but stupid phobia I have. At first it was just touching coinage of any kind, and also getting fingerprints on cheese, and then a really cruel friend (who will not be mentioned) recommended marrying the two in attempts to torture me (because my phobias are quite ridiculous) and it worked. Now it is a thought that continues to haunt me.

Carolanne said...

You know, your comments about my blogsite were even better than being given the "award". I feel really humbled and touched by what you said and I sincerely thank you. :)

I'm glad you mentioned I have faults. I couldn't stand to be up on a pedestal. :)

R said...

Carolanne-- I am so glad you are touched by what I said because it is all true! I knew that you would especially be glad that I mentioned you had faults because I sense that you and I are similar in that way---I like for people to know that I am flawed because the more God's grace abounds! You do mention on your site that you have faults just like I constantly mention it on mine; these faults are what keeps me near to God so I am thankful in that strange way just as I know you realize what I mean.

Debra said...

Thanks so very much for the nomination! I really , really appreciate it (thanks for the link to my blog, too, and for your delightful comments over there!).:)Blessings, Debra