Absence List

The good thing is that I did not go to D.C. on Friday. I am glad of it because it would have been too hard on my guests to help me entertain my kids during the whole thing. I was glad that they could experience the area unhindered.

I am again recovering from another serious allergy attack, so I am spending a day run-less. I actually got on the treadmill and ran for half a mile and just quit because I just had no energy or strength. What a way to feel like a failure. I am at the moment waiting for my meds to kick in so I can gather the ambition to go upstairs and clean myself up before Dear Sir comes home in a couple hours.

In celebration of a fellow blogger, I will now list a few things that I miss about this world:

1. New York Seltzer
2. Big Sticks (the ones from the eighties)
3. Hagan Daas Irish Cream Ice cream
4. Jello Pudding Pops
5. Three Musketeers when the chocolate was thicker on the outside
6. pre-cell phones
7. when Chuck E. Cheese's didn't taste like government cheese
8. Disneyland before it's 35 year anniversary (the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House)
9. being able to find a hard to find CD at a Best Buy
10. being able to eat a plate of french fries without caring about what it will do to me
11. not having to personally pay the bills! :)
12. Del Taco
13. the frozen yogurt craze of the eighties
14. a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone at Thrifty's
15. Cantaloupe flavored Snapple
16. eating Cadbury Eggs without feeling guilty
17. Trader Joes
18. paying 84 cents for gas
19. customer service people and/or receptionists that are actually nice
20. "the customer is always right"

My mind is a blank. I still feel like I have cotton in my head. And notice that most of my stupid memories and things I miss are either from California or some sort of food! It is very possible that I am hungry.


Beanie said...

great list!
What are the the big sticks? I remember some of that stuff, I remember freaking out when gas went over a buck/gallon. I loved 3 muskateer's, and I would peel all the chocolate off and then eat the nougat seperate, and you can't do that now because they are all cheap and gross.

Lisa said...

Go eat, sweetie! Forget about the guilt. Seriously, what good has it ever done for you? *Chuckle*

R said...

Lisa--Guilt has never done me any good, especially when concerning food!

Beanie---Big Sticks are made by Popsicle, but they are not the same as they used to be if you ever buy them anymore, which they are hard to find. They taste like cherry and pineapple and are colored yellowish-red-orange.

I used to do the opposite with the Musketeers. I would scoop out all the nougat and then eat the chocolate shell when finished.

Dear Sir calls it gross. He is insane.