Big Bunch of Nothing

I have five kids no more and life is simpler, I have found. I did not know that it was even chaotic. I think the only chaotic thing about it was the knowledge that when two or more of them went upstairs a mess would ensue, and then there was always a couple downstairs to make a mess there too. Thankfully I have had my voice during this period because I don't know what I would have done. I have also been working on not yelling, and I think I only had two outbursts in the whole four days!

Just a few minutes ago I saw that the girl left un-drunk milk from breakfast at the table. Since milk costs a quart of blood, I always insist everyone finish it. There's nothing more wasteful to me than pouring milk down the sink. That is literally my biggest grocery expense. So, I called the girl from the depths of the couch---I called her forth to partake of her unfinished milk. I stood there waiting and then gathered a few bowls from breakfast as I stood there. She ran to get to the milk apologetically and I headed toward the sink. I heard a yelp and a cry and I turned to see what was the matter. She was on the floor, crying, all hair and limbs round about her in an awkward splay. I picked her up and kissed her hair and asked what happened.

"I tell you, I HATE wearing socks!"she wailed. Dear Sir always makes them wear socks. Not my fault.

So, as you can see, things are pretty calm around here, not much to report.

I am very happy that the weather is finally warming up. I have been so intolerant to cold that it is a growing concern. It is 68 in the house and I feel like I need a sweater. My hands get so frigid I can barely use them, my toes go numb. My dad has hypothyroidism and I remember thinking it strange that he would go into the living room where there is a window and sit in the streaming sunshine. The really weird thing is that I find myself going in my sunroom so I can sit in the streaming sunshine there. Every time I get tested for hypothyroidism though I always have "normal" results. I never used to be this intolerant to cold though. It is almost ruining my life in some ways. Instead of running to be healthy, I find that I am running so I can get warm. I have constant goosebumps. I crave hot baths. I dread getting out to dry myself. When we go anywhere Dear Sir immediately turns on the heated seats in the car (even when it is not so cold) just for me. Last night before falling asleep I was shivering while he held me and he said, "This is not normal. It's not even cold." I am falling apart!


Leslee said...

You're too skinny. That's the only explination of why you're so cold all the time. You need more meat on your bones to keep you insulated. LOL!! Glad your life is going back to normal and it's starting to warm back up in your neighborhood. Where abouts do you live?

Leslee said...

So I found this website, called Eleysium, I think. And there's this woman who has the most amazingly beautiful voice. Just thought I'd share that little fact today.

~Jennifer said...

Sometimes a blood test is not enough to detect hypothyroidism. Since your dad had it, and you're experiencing some of the symptoms maybe you need to request more tests.

I don't tolerate cold when I'm overly tired. Maybe that's part of the problem? How are you sleeping?

The Woman said...

I have hypothyroidism and have experienced the cold you describe. Thankfully, the meds and the hot flashes help a lot. Blah.

The doctors had a hard time detecting mine too. My neurologist is the one that finally nailed it.

Anonymous said...

i truly hate with a person has something obscure wrong that doctors can't find on blood work because if they can't find it on blood work, they just quit looking and you are left suffering. know what i mean?

R said...

Leslee---I always say I am in Dixie, which is true. I am in Virginia.

Are you talking about me (singing)?

Jennifer--Thank you. I will have to go to the doc soon then and push the issue. I hate pushing issues, but I will have to. I have been sleeping alright. My complaint about sleep is that I am somewhat light and wake up a few times a night (but do go back to sleep). The cold thing is just constant. There are no good days or bad days. I am always cold, period.

Woman--That is good to know. I will remember that.

Doozie--I totally know what you mean. It is frustrating. When I tested negative a few years ago to hypo, my doctor ran to the first other conditions to explain my symptoms and convinced herself of it.

I have actually had a piece of my thyroid taken out in the past too, which makes me think I REALLY have the problem, but no one cares.

Leslee said...

Are you talking about me (singing)?

-Well, only if that was you singing, Rachel!

R said...

Leslee---Sorry--I was almost confused because Dear Sir's site is Elysium and he does have a link to my music site, which is also linked on Green Cathedral! Argh.

Thank you, Leslee, that is such a nice compliment. I have been a little depressed about singing lately because my voice is still not up to speed because of the mute thing. I mean, I can sing, but I am not as in control as I would like to be. Anyway, thank you.

Leslee said...

Sorry for the confusion dear, that's the title up on the top bar of my browser. I didn't even see the link on your page here. I just thought I'd check out your Dear Sir and saw the link there! I hope your voice gets back into shape again soon! I really enjoyed the music!!! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

your best bet is to try and find a female doctor. They really tend to be so much more empathic, and interested. The best doc's I've had were ladies

Emma Sometimes said...


Do you know your fat to muscle ratio? When you run you lose it. I was ALWAYS cold when I ran and dropped body fat. I've seen your pictures and you are thin, as photos puts on 10 or 15 lbs. Put some meat on your bones, girl!!

Emma Sometimes said...

I always *despised* people telling me to gain weight, but I look back and I was too skinny and still remember thinking I was fat. I'm sure a few others here would agree with the 'thinking I was fat' back in the day.

R said...


At times I struggle with thinking that I am fat in one area or another. I do not know my fat to muscle ratio, I have always had an athletic sort of build, I have never been the stick-thin sort of gal.

I know what you mean by thinking you were fat back in the day. I used to when I was younger too, but now I don't look at it that way anymore. I am getting better about things, but it has to finally come down to the fact that God made me this way, shaped me this way, and I need to deal with it. I will most likely look this way forever, and God thinks it is good, how dare I think it isn't.

Maybe I am too thin. Huh. I am convinced I have thyroid issues though because a kagillion family members have it and I have many of the symptoms. Plus, I have had some of my thyroid surgically taken out because it formed into a cyst. So--who knows. I am open to either, but not sure!!

KingJaymz said...

Wow, I hurt for you. I really hurt for your husband, however because my wife wakes me multiple times during the night because she is cold. She's either pressed up against me so hard that she's literally shoving me out of bed, or...other things she'd probably be embarrassed if I put here. I'll practice a little impulse control and not mention them.

Yeah, sounds like it's time for a dr.'s appointment. If you have to push your doc to order tests, why don't you find a new one?