Don't Waste Yer Time Reading This

I have not posted in a little bit and I am sorry I have not commented on many blogs. I have read most of your posts last night (I was really behind) on Dear Sir's little laptop, but he cut me off from commenting because I have a different account from him and I would biff up his whole system. Really, he told me I was welcome to, but then I did not want to trespass.

So---here I am again.

I have turned into a mediocre little woman with little to say. I may as well be truly mute. I am a bit sad because my friend that visited me this past week is gone and now I am left with a slight feeling of emptiness. I am not depressed by any means. "Life hurries on and the leaves that are green turn to brown. "

The highlight of her visit with me is when we decided once we got to my house (minus my children---my dear SIL watched them) to have a pot of coffee on my blessed patio. I topped it off with insisting that she eat a Cadbury Egg with me while out there---except she HAD to eat it with a spoon. She hugged me and hopped a little bit as she giggled and said, "Anything for you! I would love to!"

We were so excited to finally be together unhindered. I am just so thankful that God provided this for me. I really needed it.

We have the next couple of weeks of school off, which is nice. I don't know what I will do with myself. I have pretty much finished every stinking project. I even finished the horrid ironing that I let sit again in normal "R" fashion.

Now I just wasted your time. I wouldn't give this post to a monkey on a rock.


KingJaymz said...

Now, I wouldn't give this post to a monkey on a rock who is throwing his feces at me, but I have a natural aversion to being splattered by poo.

I'm so glad you had the opportunity to recharge and enjoy the company of a good friend. It is those priceless treasures that become the building blocks of our lives. These things bring joy to our hearts, and to the Lord.

Happy anniversary. I know you have much to celebrate this year ;) And happy b-day to the Oldest!

Anonymous said...

The company of a good friend is more golden than...the sun

The Woman said...

You are NOT mediocre by any stretch of the imagination. I'm no monkey on a rock, but I enjoyed catching up with you!