I think the Oldest will eventually have some weird complex when he is older. My older brother convinced me that I had horribly ugly feet and if I touched him (on accident, or if he saw my bare feet at all) he would shudder and punch me saying in a high-pitched and disgusted voice, "Your feet are disgusting! If you value your life and do not want to lose the ability to walk, you will refrain from touching me!" He was at least 17 or 18 at the time. I have just discovered though that my feet are not ugly (thanks to Badoozer who values the beauty of her feet and they look somewhat similar to mine, to my utter shock) but have suffered my whole life thinking that my feet were the most ugliest on the planet (and I was ok with it).

Eraser Eater has this ridiculous aversion to my Oldest when he is masticating his food at the breakfast table. Not only is the shirt off a no-no, but just the way the kid chews gets on his nerves and he plugs his ears in front of him and lets his cereal remain untouched until the Oldest is finished with his food. I do understand this problem, but I had a couple of gross brothers who did nasty things when eating or maybe even when not eating (like my oldest brother chasing us around the house with his toe jam) that one has to bear. Seeing your brother chew or hearing it, is the least of his petty little worries, but I do not wish to explain to him the vile things that I ever saw. Change was ever-present on every table in extra large piles in my childhood home, and I would make a point to find many receipts or various sheets of paper to cover it up so I could adequately stomach my morning or dinner fare. You know, you avert your eyes, pretend you can not hear, go to your happy place.

Gotta do something about that.

My voice is back, although the past few days I have continued to imagine myself yelling out, "Clark!" in a crackly, slightly sexy but annoying Lois Lane voice (and I mean Christopher Reeve Lois Lane). Yesterday was the ultimate Lois Lane day. My own voice was insulting to me. I hate watching Superman to this day (we own a copy for the boys) or even hearing it because it gets on my nerves, her voice. Like Melanie Griffith. But today is a little better. I only had a little bit of green stuff to hack up after I drank my coffee and now there is only a little bit of *something* preventing my voice box from getting out my true voice. Sadly, Dear Sir is contracting my disease, which I thought was allergies, and I feel terrible about it.

It was really sad yesterday when I was at church with my family. I could not sing worth a lick, and thankfully the music was loud enough so I could not hear myself crack and shamefully lack the ability to hit high notes at all. I could barely hit low notes. I now know how it feels to have no control over a singing voice, and I feel sorry for those who have no ability to sing well. It just comes naturally to me and I have always been able to do it. It is a little frightening when I can't, but I know it will pass. I hope. My Oldest sat next to me during the service and graced me with his solo-sounding Catholic Choir Boy voice (which shocked me) and he harmonized, when up and down octaves, and pretty much sang incredibly well in a classical sort of way. I was totally impressed. I have never heard him sing because he ALWAYS sits next to Dear Sir, his favorite parent. I just eventually gave up on singing and quit.

I don't yell too much, contrary to what I wrote before. I was only kidding. I got a lot of posters telling me not to yell so much; I am not doing my children any good. Let me defend myself. I hope some of you know that I am kidding on this blog. A LOT. So I am perfect, that's settled.

Well, I hope you all had a refreshing Easter. Ours was nice. The church we visited was small but kind and accommodating and it was cool to finally get the Eucharist (no offense to other protestant churches, but you just don't provide the Lord's Supper but once a quarter or something---whatever that means). And it was nice to have the Anglican liturgy.

This Easter I saw more the value of the Resurrection. As much as the Cross is important and the center of our faith because of what happened there, the Resurrection is the victory of conquering death. Without it, Jesus just would have died and there would be no hope. The emptiness of Holy Saturday makes us anticipate the new life and hope the Resurrection of our Lord brings.


Pam in Colorado said...

I hope you are feeling much better and your voice is back full force, for singing or yelling ;)!

I, too, have a problem with watching and hearing people eat. It isn't bad when there is other background noise, but if it is quiet and I can hear people putting the food into their mouths, chewing and swallowing - UGH!!

Glad you had a nice Easter. Christ's resurrection is my favorite thing to celebrate!!!

BTW: the answers to my blog questions should be posted tomorrow. ;)

Jamie Dawn said...

Here I am delivering a truffle to YOU!

I believe it is I who has the ugliest feet known to mankind. My hubby calls them monster feet, which I think is a bit of an overkill, but my feet will NOT be winning any beauty contests that's for sure.

I have a voice disorder that I've had to deal with for about nine years now. Be glad yours is only temporary.
I could have done without that part about your hacking up green stuff. YUCKY!!!

R said...

Pam--Thanks for reading! Thank you, my voice is a lot better. I can sing low, but not high!

Yeah, hearing the chewing and swallowing is not good, but it gets old when your kid won't eat on account of it.

I will look on your blog tomorrow then!

Jamie Dawn--Thanks! I need one!

I doubt you have the ugliest feet, but I will let you make me feel better.

I am sorry to hear about your voice disorder. That stinks. I AM thankful it is only temporary. Singing means too much to me (as little as I do it).

Sorry about the green stuff. At least green is a pretty color! :)

The Woman said...

Hey! The stuff I'm hacking up is green too!EW

The Kid and I didn't get to go to church yesterday. We are sick. AGAIN. She carried it home from Sunday School last week. Sigh.

Hope you all are feeling better SOON!

I am suddenly glad I had sisters instead of brothers...

Beanie said...

I know you kid, I kid a lot on my blog, and in your comments. I have an aversion to smacking, chomping masticating noises, as you put it. I remember feeling almost murderous at the sound of my older sister. Sometimes I even annoy myself.

I'm still waiting for a pic of your peds

R said...

Woman--Glad you can sympathize! Yes, brothers can scar you! LOL!

Beanie--I know you kid too. I love it. It makes me laugh and shake my head, which is the response you want! :)
There is a person in my family during my childhood (who will remain unnamed) who slurped and made a whole manner of noises while eating. It IS hard to concentrate and very improper, but what can you do?

I will have to post a pic of my feet soon. I have to put some nail polish on them so they don't look so plain!!

KingJaymz said...

I've assumed you are joking about the yelling and kept my mouth shut, but now I know to call CPS on you (LOL).

I totally hear you about the Eucharist. I've never attended an Anglican church in my life, but I totally agree with the "communion once a quarter" thing. It is very true and very sad.

Leslee said...

I'm glad you were able to find a church that you were comfortable in! That's so important!

Glad you're feeling better too! You'll be yelling at kids and bloggers in no time!

JRH said...

Wow, I commiserate with you regarding your feelings about being unable to sing in church: I often have the same problem when dealing with allergy/sinus stuff and it's partly the reason I had to quit singing with our worship team at church. But how wonderful that the next generation seems to be carring on for you even when you're on the muter side!