Time to Rob the Bank

Here is my oven in all it's glory. I am not posting the inside because the outside is much more interesting and has a more interesting story with it.

If you look at the second knob, it has tape on it to keep it together. Unfortunately, it is the knob that tells what temperature the oven is at when you turn the dial. When I broke it, the thing spun around and snapped and I could not tell what temp I was at anymore. I twisted it around, but thankfully, I remembered what I set it to, and now I just sort of go by that. It's all a guessing game around here. It reminds me of that Mr. Bean episode where he goes to the dentist.

The day I broke the thing is the day I was to leave for the wedding I sang at last August. I was hopping on the plane in D.C. in a few hours. I was marking baking times ( with a sharpie pen) on pizzas and other things and tossing them in the freezer and I snapped the stupid thing somehow as I was baking something at the time; probably a pizza. For a moment I felt very alarmed. I thought, "How is Dear Sir going to feed anyone if the dial is broken?" (Remember, I was to be gone for a few days) I thought that we lacked the money to get a new oven and what terrible timing. Yeah, try finding a new dial for a discontinued (obviously) Montgomery Ward oven. Trust me, with my new house (new to me) I have many many things that are lovely in it. I think this is just about the only thing that is an eye sore.

My only solution monetarily and momentarily was to put some packing tape on it. Hey, I just moved in not too long ago---packing tape was everywhere. I was pleased as punch to see that it worked and hey, it still works to this very day. Thick folds of tape cover the 400 degree spot, but that is ok, I can read it a little still.

When I was uploading the picture of my ghetto oven, I stumbled upon this silly little picture one of my kids obviously made on the computer. In the caption the spindly, little, black, scary guy says, "Time to rob the bank."


~Jennifer said...

lol, cute picture. Afraid to show the inside of your oven, eh? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I really think you should cough up the inside of that beauty. Isn't tape a wonderful thing? we love tape here at this house. We carry every type. I love that picture, I find them on our computer all the time like that.

shealyisnottheantichrist said...

Not to brag, but I recently splurged and got a heavy tape dispenser for my world headquarters which doubles as the laundry room. Tape is so right. We love tape too. I would request that you would not show the inside,if it is scary.

Anne said...

Tape is good. :)

P.S. I am so glad that HubbaHoney can cook. I never have to pre-prepare meals and freeze them for my family if I leave town. He cooks better than me but he can't bake a lick.

Carolanne said...

I wouldn't show the inside of my oven to anyone if I had a choice either.
Don't you have a microwave to reheat meals in or is that a dumb question?

Lisa said...

Ghetto oven? *Snicker*

I'm not convinced the robber is carrying a pistol. It looks like he has an extra long ET-like finger!

R said...

~Jennifer--I am not *afraid* really, I just think it is boringly dirty.

Badoozie--Yeah, I *could* cough up the inside, but why not have the mystery? It makes it more interesting.

Shealy--you are right up my alley.

Anne--Why, aren't you a lucky gal?!

Carolanne---Get this---yes, we DO have a microwave to re-heat meals in, but Dear Sir prefers the oven because he does not like the texture that the microwave produces. It gets all picky around here. I often get comments like, "But I don't like microwaved fish sticks!" or "If I had a choice, I would put the potatoes and bake them in the oven, not the microwave. It is just not the same."

I scream inside often.

Lisa---I literally laughed out loud at your comment. It DOES look like an E.T. finger. Perhaps that is why I called him the scary guy. E.T. used to scare the wits out of me as a child. LOL.

Lisa said...

ET scares me too, and I'm an adult! Phone home! *Gulp*

(Back on blogger!)