Last night we took the kids out to dinner at a local place. I remember telling Dear Sir how much I hate going to a restaurant because when you walk in as the hostess is guiding you to your table,everyone stares at you. I think it is because I hate being the center of attention---I love taking Communion, but when we walk up to take it I feel like I am the only one standing in the room.

So, last night over dinner we found out that Eraser Eater not only eats erasers, he eats wooden furniture. Dear Sir called it "bizarre" and asked him, once we got home, to demonstrate what he does. It was ridiculous. I had to go to the other room because it was sort of funny (I have a strange sense of humor) to see him biting down on my wooden stool. He was scolded and sent soundly to bed.

I told Dear Sir that I used to pick gum off the street and eat it. Kids do weird things. I finally convinced him that I turned out ok---right? After admitting that I turned out alright I think he felt better.

The really funny thing is that when we were getting into the car Dear Sir called the boy "Eraser Eater". Eraser Eater said, "Hey!" like he was going to be mad. "Well, you eat erasers!" Dear Sir said, "And furniture!"

When the man got cozy in his seat I said, "Tryin' to rip me off?"

"Yep. And he's not going to like it when he finds out that's what you call him."



Lyssa said...

My little sis Emily used to eat butter, just plain butter. We had to hide it so she wouldn't make herself sick. And she's doing pretty good now : )

I always used to hate walking up in front of people to take Communion too. The church I'm going to now, though, does Communion in a different way: all hundred and fifty of us (or so) stand in a huge circle around the perimeter of the sanctuary, while the bread (in two halves) and the grape juice (in tiny cups or a goblet for those who prefer it) are passed around the circle. It works awesomely.

Lisa said...

I don't like that feeling either. I either trip, or let go a nervous horsey laugh... Like no one is going to really be staring after one of those! *Gack*

The former match head eater.

R said...

Alyssa---Plain butter is sort of weird, but you know, she was a little thin, so it never did much! :) Butter is rather good though.

Your Communion sounds nice.

Lisa---You are so silly. I can picture you doing that!

I forgot you ate the match heads! I remember asking you if you got sick. That is so crazy. The gum off the street tasted like rubber (I am guessing from all the tires running over it). Yuck.