Ok, so um, my hair soaked up all that color big time, eh? It's pretty dark but I think I like it. I got the red in it like I said I was tempted to do. I am looking brunette although the hair stylist said I am now a "medium blonde"! Give me a break!

Gotta turn over some chicken.

Have a great weekend.


Anne said...

I think your hair looks great! It looks quite natural.

~Jennifer said...

It looks good to me. It's about the same color my hair is these days. ;-)

Lisa said...

What a lovely shade! Goes really well with your eye color and skin tone! *Smile*

R said...

You guys are so nice. I am a little bit shocked by it. I wasn't yesterday, but then I woke up this morning and went to the bathroom. I looked up when I passed the mirror and a jolt went through my stomach. I forgot. I said to myself, "I look like a blonde trying to be a brunette." Susie was right, the red highlights make it look even darker, but I like it. But it freaks me out. Someone help me.

My daughter keeps saying, "Can't wait to see your brown hair tomorrow!"

Dear Sir loves it.

The Oldest says that it looks nice but he liked it better before.

Eraser Eater has no comment. I guess he is too busy chewing up my coffee table.

You are right on target Lisa, it does go well with my skin and my eyes. I am afraid that it makes my eyes look freaky.

But now I am obsessing. I will get over it soon.

Ha ha.

Leslee said...

LMAO!! I've been dealing with a sick kid all weekend. Who knew we were both plotting to be brunetts again!!! Love your color, almost looks like mine!!

R said...

That is so funny!!! LOL!