Good Morning

I better write a little something before it all goes away or before the Oldest stomps downstairs to breathe wild energy into Eraser Eater and the girl. So far they are pretty tame.

I find regretfully that I sneak downstairs whenever they are supposedly still asleep in the morning and I am up. I want to have maybe just a few minutes of peace with my Wonder Woman mug and perhaps the computer. I laugh at myself inside my head when I find that I am slowly descending the stairs and wincing when I hear a little creak. What I am trying to avoid, or rather, delay, are the badgering questions like, "Are we going to eat Cookie Crisp for breakfast?!" "Are we going to eat?! I am hungry!" Sometimes they are not even questions. Sometimes the outbursts are something like, "He took my notebook and scribbled on it!" "He made fun of my song!" "He breathed his beaver breath in my face!" "She keeps following me!"
I have stressed many times that I am not a morning person. Nothing is worse than asking a morning person sundry questions.

I hate to even tell you that I have another minor running injury and I am forced to walk on my treadmill because I have nothing else that I can do that is low impact, like swimming, or cycling. I don't think I would do those anyway even if they were available. I keep living and learning and this time I think part of my problem is my stupid running shoes. I went to Costco a good handful of months ago and found some Adidas running shoes on sale and just bought them. Bad choice. Of course, I, being the semi-cheapskate that I am, decided once I put the suckers on, that I would ride them through. Bad choice. I should have returned them. But, being stupid, I just kept them because I wanted to run more than I wanted to go to Costco, return the shoes, and find another pair. I would like to publicly apologize to New Balance for my unfaithfulness to them. I don't think I have had one injury wearing New Balance shoes. What a twirp I am. New Balance shoes are like running on a trampoline. Adidas shoes are like running barefoot on jagged rocks. Big difference.

I just realized that I quoted a child asking about Cookie Crisp. Let me explain. I don't usually let them eat Cookie Crisp or Lucky Charms or any of that sort of stuff, usually they eat Koala Krisp, Gorilla Munch, and Panda Puffs (all organic and nutritious cereals). But I found a Barbie Fairytopia cereal down the cereal aisle the other day and saw there was a coupon for the next Barbie movie. I could foresee having to buy it at some point, so I bought the cereal. And to be fair (because everything is fair in life, eh?) I bought the boys a box of Cookie Crisp, each. They were buy one, get one free. The discovery in this is that I am in love with Double Chocolate Cookie Crisp, much like I am in love with Fruity Pebbles or Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch. This is a very dangerous position for me. I can't run, I crave sugary Double Chocolate Cookie Crisp, and on top of it all, I made chocolate covered peanuts that are incredibly good. Thankfully the cereal is Eraser-Eaters, so he would whine exceedingly if he found out I was chomping on his cereal, so that is a good thing to ward me off. To me, whining is like hell's demon screeching in the night---straight in my ear.



Anonymous said...

I don't do questions in the morning either. They make me irate. I hate cereal for the most part, it hurts my mouth. Sorry about your injury, would you like a bandaid? perhaps some antibiotic ointment? Can you still feel your leg?

Anne said...

ditto on the whining.

Todd said...

Seems to me that an individual, who shall remain nameless, warned you about running a few months back. I think this was when you were hobbled with another running-induced injury.

Do you have Sports Chalet stores in your neighborhood? I just got a great pair of New Balance running shoes there for $29. I guess they are last years model. Similar ones on the full price rack were $89. I agree with your comments on Addidas and NB. I have had bad luck (injuries) with Addidas too. Why the shoe purchase, you ask? I have to run 1 1/2 miles in a prescribed time for a job I am contemplating. I am going to start real slow and gradually build up, hopefullly preventing any injury. Meanwhile I am still riding lots of miles.

Carolanne said...

Getting back to the cereals - are they real names or ones you made up?
Is there really such a thing as Koala Krisp???
Hmmmm. Why don't they just use plain, ordinary names for breakfast cereal since I have yet to find a cereal that isn't more than that. Although Just Right is good. :)
Anyway: Real or fictious names of brekky cereals???

wessexcathedral@gmail.com said...

Susie---I always knew you were a freak. My leg is for the most part fine. I just know if I run a bit too much on it it will get bad.

Anne--thanks. I don't feel so insane.

Todd--I have been running for years now and have had little to no problems. I think my problems started when I switched running shoes like a total idiot. Good purchase. I will get some NB perhaps even today if I can---I have many errands to run. No pun intended. Good luck on the running! Make sure you run on asphalt and not concrete, but I am sure you knew that! :) Starting really slow is a good rule of thumb. And tie your hair back, you long-locked mad man!

Carolanne--Well, the names of the cereals are actually real. Panda Puffs, Koala Krisp and Gorilla Munch are all those organic cereals that are most likely only in America. I am not sure about Cookie Crisp or not. I saw people selling it on ebay to foreigners (for a killing, I might add---the seller said, "kids love it! Just add a little milk!" Duh). But anyway, the "animal" cereals afore mentioned are named that because the tree huggers of this country (no offense) provide us with organic cereals with no junk in them and somehow make them to where they are liked by kids. 1% of the profits go to endangered wildlife. So if you buy Panda Puffs, 1% of the proceeds goes to Panda bears. I hope that answers your question.

I don't think you answered mine. What in tarnation is a "vanilla slice"?

Lisa said...

Ah! Someone that appreciates whining the way I do! *LOL*

I can handle a full on tantrum better than whining. It"s right up there with the thought of chewing on a piece of aluminum foil! *Gack*

I eat granola. Late at night. When no one is watching...

Lisa said...

Forgot to say that I needed to hear that about the New Balance shoes. We just got Em a pair and she seems to be able to wear them well. She wears a women's size 13, and we had to order online, sight unseen. The actual shoe size and her pronated ankles make shoe shopping a nightmare! *EEK*