The Calm After the Storm

They are all in the sunroom humming the tune to "I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy" on their kazoos.
Believe me, it sounds interesting. I have been waking up near nine o clock every morning the past few days because I got two solid nights with hardly a wink of sleep because of that stupid allergic reaction. Thankfully, I am fine now. I just take an allergy pill at night and in the morning to keep it under control.

I actually took the kids to the park yesterday and read a book on a park bench. Of course, the Oldest refused to go because of the bugs, so I left him home (he is really old enough now---gee whiz, he is getting old) to save myself a little grief. We have a whole summer ahead to deal with this fear----again. But, it was nice to see that I could go to the warm, windy park and not sneeze once. Now that's progress.

You guys should check out Elysium's site and see the greatest band in the world. I was going to blog about it, but he did it first. I was too slow to act on my ideas. At least we are of the same mind.

Well, I am being slack and I really need to school the kids. It does not take but a couple hours anymore if we are really diligent, but I still feel slack. What is up with that?

I almost forgot. When the Oldest goes to AWANA he always comments on how he tries so hard to be "best boy" at the end of the class (they win a prize) and he never gets it. Mind, there are TONS of kids in his class to where half of the kids are sitting on the floor because the lack of desks. I always figured he would get his sometime. Last night when we picked him up he was holding his folder close to his body and telling us that he had a huge surprise for us when we got in the car. He waited until he got in his seatbelt to tell us that he "got best boy" as he held up a Snicker's bar. He was beaming. He opened up the candy bar immediately and ate it. When he was finished he folded his arms behind his head and basked in the mere pleasure of being best boy. He had this amazingly content smile on his face. It was hilarious. He didn't talk the rest of the way home, reliving his moment.


Lisa said...

Kudos to the Boy! :o)


~Jennifer said...

Way to go, Best Boy!

Seeker said...

That's a great picture, and cute kids.
Congratulations to the Best Boy. I'm sure he enjoyed that Snickers, and the moment.