Pocketful of Hayfever

Yesterday I really made a mistake. I had decided on Sunday (since it was the Lord's Day) to take a rest from my long streak of running and run the next day (which would be yesterday). The weather was fine, the run kicked my butt, but all was well. About an hour later I started to sneeze and sniffle and the rest of the day was pretty much down the tubes health wise. Imagine the worst cold in the world, that was my allergic reaction. Now, I take Claritin daily, but this sudden intake of spring weather (near 70) was a bit much for my nose. It spazed out and died upon arrival of my front steps and of course I am a raving lunatic whenever this happens.

Dear Sir decided that we would go to the store to get him some clothes that he needs, and so I took another allergy pill and some DayQuil. That stuff does not work. I constantly had a wet napkin or tissue in my pocket and I was miserable. I did promise Dear Sir that I would attempt to maintain as good an attitude as possible and he kissed me on the cheek. The man knows how I get.

Once we got home I had really had it. The pulls of the evening such as putting kids to bed and looking on horrendous bedroom floors had me in an uproar. When someone would ask me a question I would have to stand there, hold up my forefinger with my left hand, and clutch my tissue with the other to catch my sneeze. I was bad off. I could see Dear Sir about to weep for me. But the vacuum was not working properly because Eraser Eater happened so suck up gobs of paper a week ago without my knowledge, and I was the only one who knew how to fix the thing if it could be fixed. I got down on my knees and worked on it with tissue in hand. I fixed things in the tubing and whatnot, and decided that I just needed to change the bag because it was full of paper. Upon handling the bag my hand slipped and I squeezed it. Dust and micro mites and lovelies poofed in my face and I sneezed. At the same moment Dear Sir asked me about diapers not being in the cupboard and I screamed "I FORGOT!!!!!!" And then I blew my nose. My own voice shocked me. I immediately thought, "now that was immature."

The man is a dream, I tell you. He bought me flowers yesterday, he was exceedingly patient with my moodiness, and he was so sympathetic. He jumped at any chance to serve me. And I screamed at him. I did tell him I was sorry and there was no excuse for me, but he said, "That was dumb of me, I should not have asked you about diapers."

I finally went to the pharmacy once things were under some control and I got some Sudafed at the pharmacy desk. Of course I slept poorly last night---I probably got about an hour of sleep, and the garbage man (dustman) woke me up. Six o'clock sharp. I tried to go back to sleep but then Dear Sir's alarm went off.

Now I am here, fueled by coffee and it's deceptive effects of alertness. Time to start good ol' school.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I feel for you! I get those runny-nosy, sneezy, watery-eyesie, yucky type alergy attacks every now and then and they really, really suck. Makes it hard to do anything without dripping all over it, and can make anyone grumpy as I'm sure your husband understands. I hope you're getting over it and feeling better by now!!

Anonymous said...

You are just a mess now aren't you? I think you might need to just lop off your own head and have a new one put on

R said...

jrh---Nope, still feel like a big old piece of uselessness at the moment. I took a long bath to feel better, but the ruddiness of my own face alarms me and I don't want to make the mistake of looking in the mirror again any time soon. Still on the Sudafed and allergy meds.

Susie--Yes, I am a frightful mess and I am thoughtfully contemplating the logical idea of sawing my head off...



R said...

Oh yes, and when I get like this I don't think of others.

Thank you for feeling for me, both of you! Now I must go make lunch and drip snot all over it! Ha ha!

Leslee said...

YUK! I hate when allergies attack good people!

~Jennifer said...

I also have bad allergies. Fortunately, Benedryl works well when I get bad. Unfortunately, it knocks me out. Still, when I'm miserable I usually choose really drowsy over really sneezy. Another thing that works well for me is Nasalcrom. You have to use it for a few weeks before it really kicks in, and then you have to keep using it, but it really works! I can almost pretend I don't have allergies when I use it.

Lisa said...

Hugs from a fellow sufferer! *Squish*

Lyssa said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well : (

I made the same mistake. I'm in Ohio right now with my boyfriend and his family, and yesterday he took me to the zoo in the beautiful warm weather. I was doing fine...then last night had a huge allergy attack, and feel like my head is going to explode. I know your pain.