The Verve Reborn

I just put in one of my favorite CDs today by a band called The Shore. They sound so similar to The Verve that it is crazy. If you don't know who they are they have a song on the radio called "Hard Road" and I can't remember what the other single is.

It is funny how I discovered them. I was on my way home from picking up Liam's glasses (almost a year ago now) and I heard them on the radio. I thought, "My goodness, this sounds like the Verve!" Thankfully the jockey stated who they were. In fact, I think that was the first play they had on the station, if I remember right.

The really hilarious thing is that they are NOT from England, which is a little bit disappointing, but great because hey, I wish I were British too.

I think they are from L.A. Go figure. I'm from Cali too.

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