Bit on the Bottom

One night my youngest boy asks me in the car (I think it was the same night we went out to dinner), "Mom, do you hate taking care of us?"

"No," I said, "I love taking care of you, but sometimes I am selfish and want my own way and then I get upset and then I act like I hate taking care of you. Why do you ask that?"

"Oh, just sometimes you yell and stuff."

"Yeah, well that is when I am being sinful and selfish."

"Oh, ok."

A couple days pass.

Heaven forbid I feed my youngest daughter FOOD. She is wimpering and whining, the usual. Does not want to eat. I can't even remember what it was. She starts saying stuff and then starts to cry. She says, "Mom, you're being so mean to me!"

"Why? Because I want you to be healthy and feed your body? Because I told you to eat your food?"


My oldest boy says (apparently he was listening that fateful night in the car---BIG SHOCK), "(my daughter's name)---Mom is just being selfish right now. She wants her own way, right Mom?"

These posts are looking more and more like a Family Circle comic strip.


oncelaw said...

I am FINALLY reading your blog!!!

So happy to hear that I am not the only one who is selfish and sinful and yells at my kids! And that my kids are not the only ones who don't want to eat! Etc. etc. Happy not to be alone.

R said...

I am so glad you are reading! Cool! No, you are not the only one! I try so hard not to lose it, so sometimes I put up with the most ridiculous stuff, but there are lots of times when I just can't take it anymore!
My kids are tending to waste away when my oldest is practically eating the house. He ate a bowl of cereal and three eggs alone this morning for breakfast. I think that is a lot.
He is the only one that enjoys my food anymore! Ugh.
No, you are not the only one.