One of a Kind Kiddie Game

I just caught my two boys playing what they call, "The Not Sinning Game" in which one does horrible things (like hitting, kicking, name calling) to the other and the other has to react in a non-sinful manner. I thought, well, that is funny.

I found my oldest pounding on my youngest boys' arm while my youngest boy just smiled and tried to think of something hilarious to do to "lose on purpose" because that is "more fun."

What kind of game is that?

We also bit the bullet and got cable installed today (to my sadness) but Thanksgiving is not the same when you can barely see the football players on the t.v. screen, now is it? I would rather watch a Twilight Zone marathon. Not that that is bad.

So, my oldest son is visibly happy that we have cable now. He was sitting at the school table this morning as the cable guy was installing and he said, "You know Mom, it's nice that we are getting cable, but I really am happy with the way our old TV was too!" He does this. He always wants to prove to me that he is happy with what he has. At the moment he is watching Tom and Jerry and laughing his rear end off.

Ugh. I hate TV. Gotta go run up those incredible hills for a spell!

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