Horrid Metal

Jewelry freaks me out. I hate metal on my skin. Or any ornament, for that matter. I tolerate my wedding ring (I had a hard time at first, but now I am used to it), but other than that I hate jewelry.

Someone sent a list to me a few weeks ago talking about how great it is to be a woman and how we don't regret all these things. One of the things was piercing the ears. I regret that. Only because now I just have little dimples in my ears and not actual holes. I don't want holes anyway. I would rather they closed up totally.

Before Mr. Wilhelm and I got engaged we went to a jewelry store to look at diamond engagement rings. I warned the man that I did not care for one, but he thought I was just being nice and cheap or something. I don't think he had a clue how much those things cost anyway. I stood there looking at a bunch of clear rocks totally uninterested and baffled at the price. I would have to pay thousands of dollars to put something detestible on my skin! No way! I imagined turning over in bed one night getting the rock stuck in my nose. Even worse. I begged him to be rid of the idea that I wanted a diamond ring and told him to just get me a band if he ever knew what was right for him. I thought it funny though when I did get engaged (I have two bands---one wedding, one engagement) how people would ask to "see" my ring and I would show them my band just as happy as anyone else.

So, my daughter is hanging out with her Aunt and her Aunt gets all generous and gives her all this jewelry and stuff. While my daughter is in metal heaven, I am in metal hell. Imagine how I have to pick this stuff up. It literally makes me want to throw up, I am that weird about it. I am not picking it up anymore. If I have to I will vacuum the stuff up.

So, we will not get on the subject of coinage. All of you who know me, just don't mention this stuff when I am eating. Really disturbing.


Jeannie said...

this is quite interesting. i did not know that such a fear existed.

R said...

Yep and I am the only one I know.