Thanksgiving Afterthoughts

This morning I decided to *not* pull out the books and let the kids have another day off of school (I know, I am strict). While at breakfast the kids were discussing yesterday, Thanksgiving. I can't even remember what my oldest said. Something about the food, I think. Perhaps the turkey and how he loved it and how he loved drinking pop all day. I think that sounds right. My youngest (the girl) said that she loved her new friend Joannella (who came to eat with us) because she is so beautiful and she plays dolls so well, etc. etc. My middle boy said, "I really liked Thanksgiving. I liked it 87%." He can't give me a straight answer why it is exactly 87%, he just says stuff like, well, it is almost 90.

I had put out almonds in a dish among other snacks and appetizers. I think he ate the whole dish. He did not know he liked almonds at first, he just kept eating them. He told me after the first few that he only liked almonds about 45%. I said, "you hate them that much?" He says, "No, I love them 45%. That's a lot." OK. Later that evening I saw him sneak another almond in his mouth and I said, "Really liking those almonds, eh?"
"Yes, Mom. I think I love them 95%. I hated them a little at first, but now I love them a lot!"

His percents in the positive are "love it" and his percents in the negative are "hate it" So if he loved Thanksgiving 87% that would mean he hated it 13%. I wonder what he hated?

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