Let's Get in "Tune" With our Emotions!

I was watching a tiny snippet yesterday of a woman teacher on TBN (I can't remember who she was but she seemed nice enough and had a Southern accent---blonde. I think I have seen her on other shows with a husband talking about marriage)who was pretty much telling a man audience that women need stability from them. She started to make an analogy of "you could bring your wife into a brand new mansion of her dreams and I guarantee you the first few days she is going to cry. I know you would think, 'I provided all this stuff for you, even the mansion of your dreams and you are upset!' I tell you, don't be upset at her, she just needs you to put her arms around her and assure her that this will take adjustments and she will need to support you at this time...women are like this."

Umm, spoiled women are like this. Going to cry over moving into a huge mansion? I would cry over the idea of cleaning the whole thing myself every Wednesday, that is what I would cry about!---Not over moving into a mansion and I "just can't cope with the change of it." I think real women are adaptable women, not a bunch of whinny, sobby, over-emotional wrecks that cry over an overload of riches. That is ridiculous.
Where is God in this story?
Cry for the many homeless people in this world that would take a few feet of the floor of your mansion to live on!

Lots of venom, I know, sorry.


Mindi said...

Well, women do long for security. How else do you explain anyone marrying a banker or a CPA? :)

I don't know that every woman would be sobbing in a new mansion. Each woman is very different.

However, it is true that at every move that we have experienced, I have been at least a little spent emotionally. This is especially true with men and women who are older. Sometimes seniors become very disoriented if they just change rooms in a convalescent home, simply from the stress of the change.

I almost never watch tv. This does not mean that I never waste time on fruitless activities. I just choose different fruitless activities. My point is that just because someone is on tv does not make them an authority on anything. (An exception would be the State of the Union speech.)

Emotions do not really need to be justified as good or evil, they just are. It is what we do with them that defines them.

Getting back to your tv authority, I would say that a husband who hugs his wife and says something authentic and loving in an attempt to meet her emotional needs, is traveling in a foreign continent like Livingston in Africa. My husband is very loving and emotionally challenged. Because of this, I would encourage him in the attempt, even if he landed in the wrong country emotionally, as long as he has the correct woman. Me!

R said...

You are hilarious. I think you are right.
I just had a real tough time with this whole living in a mansion analogy and crying for the first three days. I think it was just a bad analogy. I think I have heard this woman speak before though and I have had trouble with other things she has said although I can not say exactly what they were since my memory is so shot. I think moving itself is stressful, yes, but there is a difference between just moving *somewhere* to moving into a mansion. I suppose if that were true and the woman really can't handle it, sure, he should be reassuring, but my goodness, I feel bad for the guy.
I second you on the emotions and the men thing. I think you are totally nailing it when you say that it is like "travelling in a foreign continent". I think that is true. Good point, but we as women don't have to be irrational.
I almost never watch tv too. I love to watch cooking shows but I just don't have that kind of time. I have not read a book in ages.

Women do long for security. So do men.