Roll Back America

Does anyone feel guilty shopping at Wal-mart but shops there sometimes anyway because you know the prices are so low it would be wiser for your wallet?

We had this discussion last night at small group (it was not part of the lesson or anything). We have a lot of political people at our small group, so we really can't get away from that kind of discussion. I pretty much know nothing about politics, but feel horrible about Wal-mart. I think it is good and all that because it provides jobs, but of course, it closes down the local small stores, etc. etc. My pastor was saying that places like Wal-mart and Disney (I am really paraphrasing) start to shape our society----it's like they have jumpstarted a new culture. I hate it, now that I look at it.

I feel like that mean dad on speed racer that loathes cars and refuses to drive them so he rides a horse around instead. I am just not gutsy enough to ride the horse. ---So I feel guilty when I drive the car!

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