I am really sickened. I went to go buy Coldplay tickets two hours after the sale (on accident) and now all they have left are nosebleed seats for 56 dollars a piece. I prefer not to see Chris Martin as a speck in the distance. I may as well dim the lights at home and just play the cd. I am spoiled though because the last tour I got fourth row seats and now that Coldplay is so huge it is like trying to get a good ticket at a U2 concert. Impossible.
The really frustrating thing is that we are members of their website and for both visits to our area they never "randomly selected" us for a presale that they have for the fans. If we were randomly selected, it would cost us $80 anyway (a piece) which is nuts.
Anyone who has tickets to give away for free post away. I would be your friend forever.

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