This Thanksgiving turned out well, I thought. It is the first time in seven years that I have been able to sit next to my husband while eating a Thanksgiving dinner, and I am thankful for that. I have the greatest husband alive. His past job required him to work 12 hour shifts holiday or no holiday so I often spent Christmas or Thanksgiving (always) without him. I am glad he was present during the Thanksgiving where I made the whole meal (which I have never done before and have always wanted to). It was really fun and everything turned out great(except for the gravy--but thankfully, I did not need gravy because the turkey was not dry!!), so I am thankful for that as well. I think it was an overall good time with friends from church. I am so happy that we were able to spend this time with them. It was probably boring, but my husband and I are pretty low key. Mr. Wilhelm did say when they left, "In retrospect, I think we should have played games or something." I laughed and said, "what? scrabble? We have no games! I was just happy with good conversation." And that we had.

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