Little Teacher

My oldest son (who is nine) is quite a Christian. Everything is plainly black and white to him. A few days ago, as is his custom, he pulled out his Mayo Medical Manual for a little light reading at breakfast. As I was putting the bread in the toaster I said, "Hey, what are you reading about in there?"

"Oh, well, I am really interested in suicide. It tells a lot about it in here. It says that a person is usually full of grief...then it says there is really no cure for grief..but that is silly...these people should just pray to Jesus! He is the cure, Right Mom?!"

"You are absolutely right," I said.

"Yeah, Mom. I don't get how these people don't know this stuff. These people that wrote this must not believe in Jesus!" He shakes his head shamefully.

When I told my husband this he had to laugh. He is the one who stated later that he thinks so black and white. He really does. He then told me that every Sunday at church during any time of the service he is wiping away tears (sometimes several times a service). Mr. Wilhelm has asked what he is crying about and he says that he doesn't really know, he just cries.

I have a lot to learn from my son. I can be icy, unfeeling and unmoved when the Spirit is present. Sure, there are many times when I am moved to tears during a service, but this child proves to me that a child-like faith is better than mine. I am sure our Lord delights in children who believe in Him. Everyone knows it says that we must become like little children. I am my son's teacher in so many ways but definitely in this way he is mine.


m. said...

Hey Rachel -

Caley won't stop talking about your blog so I had to check it out. I'm linking yours to mine so I can read daily :)


R said...

Well then I will link yours! I read yours last night, by the way, I really enjoyed reading it. I did not get to hear the sermon but Joel told me that it was great so I felt like after I read your entry I had heard it!
Caley and Jeannie are my biggest fans. I have no idea why. It is funny. They are so sweet.

Mindi said...

I can totally relate to Tim. Since we came to our current church, I have cried at 95% of the services. During worship, the sermon, prayer, drinking coffee with a friend or in the middle of the bookstore, it does not seem to matter. This has never, ever happened to me before. The funny thing is that at my 2nd week here, the pastor invited people to come down for prayer who were wounded by churches or leaders. I was so angry and hard hearted that I could not cry, but I made one of the pastors cry so much that he had to take off his glasses just to talk to me. Being broken isn't fun, but it is a good place to be. I don't know why Tim cries, but church is a good place for it.

R said...

You are so right. Our goal I think is to be a broken people because only people who know that they are nothing without Jesus Christ can fully surrender to Him. I think where you are at right now is a good place to be. I do get this way, but not every Sunday like you or Tim. I totally think it is the Spirit and we feel Him.
Thank you for sharing.That is amazing to hear.