Pelting It

I am a little depressed. I was in the middle of eating breakfast when the discipline bug bit my butt and I had to go upstairs and take care of matters with the boys. They were fighting over a pen. I got my hairbrush for those aforesaid reasons and also for perhaps brushing my daughters hair in a web of knots. I used the brush for one reason and then realized afterwards that my cereal was still sitting in the milk, getting only wetter. I took the brush, flung it on my bed in a flurry, over threw it, and of course, the only time I ever hit anything in my life dead on, I hit the body of my beautiful, black guitar and now there is a nice pretty nick in it.

Feel bad for me? I can take collections....

One final note. I have to go back to edit to do this and I thought it was worth it. Before writing this post I emailed this story to Dear Sir. This is classic HIM. This was his response:

"Sorry about that. Your guitar is ruined. That's sad."

I think I will just go and throw it in the garbage now, eh? It is virtually unplayable. It's RUINED!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!

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It's hardly ruined. Check these out: