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Dear Sir put up a couple new songs on here. He says "My Heart is Faint" is rather boring. Tell me if I am crazy, but it is my favorite one. I just like the words, I guess (and the music), but it sounds like I didn't write it. That is always a plus for me.


Anonymous said...


I loved your song!!! It's so good! Subscribed to the podcast on your website becasue I liked it so much.

Hope you and your family are well.


R said...

Thank you, Caley. I have not heard from you or Jeannie in a long time! I hope you guys are well and still reading!

We are great. Love the house. I am painting it midnight blue as I type. Well, not as I type. Ha ha. My SIL is in town and she is helping me paint the kitchen and living area. We are doing blue and caramel. I also have olive green and wine red in the house as well. Very rich colors. It looks fabulous, I must say.

I am hoping to get more songs up there, even if they are the "rough" versions of certain songs that I have written. I think it is sort of fun. I had sent my best friend a cd of just roughly recorded songs (recorded on the pc) of me and my brother playing songs I wrote and she claims it is her absolute favorite of mine. Who knew.

Thank you so much for listening!!!!