In the Forest

There are no trees in Idaho. Well, there are trees, but not many. The place is mainly desert, believe it or not, and so the main reason why anything grows there is irrigation. I think it would all be dead if not for that. So, my niece, who lives there and is visiting me in the South right now, thinks that if she drives by three trees she is in the forest. I have been told that if she passes a few in downtown Boise, she thinks that everyone should be still so that she could hear the real sounds of nature.

I have been told that she almost had a heart attack when she got here. Where I live (in a battlefield---called "The Wilderness", mind you) there are trees galore. The only thing that bothers me about Virginia is that you can't find stores because trees are always covering up the signs or the stores themselves. So, since my SIL and I are painting (and it is going very well, by the way) the girls go out and play "in the forest." I am always telling them to watch out for snakes because they really do crawl around out there in the leaves, but they are not afraid.

My daughter told her that "Momma will come out and kill it with a shovel."

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