Flannery O'Connor

I just discovered Flannery O'Connor. Well, I didn't JUST discover her, I knew of her before and even checked out a book once, but that was when I was diving into Wilkie Collins and didn't have the real time to invest. Not that I have much time to invest now, anyway.

I have to say that I am a bit unsettled by her harshness. I would expect as much from a man. And I don't mean harsh as in foul in language. She is just a little violent, and very to the point. I have read four short stories so far and three of them show the main characters meeting their demise or at least getting close to meeting it. I have a Credenda/Agenda issue of recent date that is all about her, so it sort of got me interested. I have to say that I am not a big fan of Doug Wilson. I think that he is a bit arrogant and his church is a bit of a cult, but sometimes he and his pompous crew come up with some good stuff to read. So the articles proved challenging that they wrote. So I challenged myself and got a book by Flannery at the library.

It'll put hair on your chest.


Rick Capezza said...

Mhm Flanney is great. I usually teach, "Good Country People," "Revelation," and "A Good Man Is Hard To Find" in my classes.

R said...

"A Good Man is Hard to Find" really disturbed me. I mean, I can't look at a small pasture and not far behind it, a cluster of woods, the same way again. I get this desperate feeling---a feeling of urgency or fright when I see this. I suppose that is what good writing or narration is about. It makes you think. It effects you in ways you did not know literature could effect you. I must say, I remember it.

I have not read the other two yet, but I plan on it!