The Beach...Again

So we are off to the beach again tonight and I am leaving my new country home (hopefully) clean and bright for our return. I have a lot to do. Last year we went to the beach in the end of September. It was very dead and enjoyable. This time it will be full of people (thousands, I have heard) and I am sure Dear Sir will teeter on a heart attack every hour. The kids will be with their cousins and I will have fun digging huge holes in the sand (if there is room---I am imagining swarms of people and no sand).

I must go though because I have to finish packing, run five miles (to reach my goal for the week), feed everyone food, clean up the house a little more, and be off by noon to meet my SIL in Fairfax and then the men will meet us there as well.

Dear Sir will be bringing the laptop, so if I am not posting, he probably will be on his blog.

See you (if not sooner) after five days.


Emily said...

Hope y'all had a great time!! Which beach?

We are excited about our few days coming up in Emerald Isle -- over Labor Day. September really is my favorite time to do the beach in NC. As long as a hurricane doesn't come along...

R said...

We are having a great time. We were rained out of the beach today, but had a good four hours in, so it was fine. T got stung by a jellyfish or two, so he is laying low with some Teddy Grahams and advil in his belly. He was screaming before.

I am somewhat pooped. I have my Wonder Woman shirt on so I feel full of power anyway.

Hope you have fun on the Emerald Isle!

It is beautiful here...