Infested Material Girl

I had a weird dream about Madonna. She was trying to infect me with some virus by spitting on everything she could and hurling it at me. I would whip out my hand sanitizer after thoughtfully hurling the object back. I used it a lot. I can't remember exactly what kind of objects were hurled, I just remember that one of them was a purse.

Last night Dear Sir and I watched a little TV, so I did see Madonna in her new video last night. I do remember Courtney Love hurling objects at Madonna during an award show, but I am not sure that is what got me on the object hurling thing. I did, however, throw a lot of purses in a toy box that my daughter has in her room last night. And I HAVE been using hand sanitizer a lot lately.


Emily said...

Yesss, (she said thoughtfully twirling her pencil in the air) but can you tell me about the spitting?


R said...

She was trying to infect me with Madonnaness, I think. I think if I would have had a cross she would have backed off--it was a vampish sort of dream.

Laura said...

Well, between the dream about Madonna and spitting and your eldest standing in the driveway demanding a guide back to the house and snapping his fingers in people's ears in Ikea, I am afraid that I can barely type for the tears streaming down my face. This is the type of crying that I just LOVE! Thank you Rachel! Your life is not in vain for it provides me with continual joy and laughter! [she eeked out in between the guffaws and snorts]