This and That (2)

The Professor told me that I was the model wife yesterday because I ironed (gasp!) and vacuumed in the same day. Those are the two chores I hate the most. I would rather clean toilets, wipe up excrement, you name it. I would even rather go down in the crawl space where there are spiders aplenty.

Which reminds me. Remember this post? On Wednesday morning when waiting for the exterminator (we have had issues with carpenter ants---I guess that is normal for living in the forest) I realized that I would have to ask the guy to go into the crawl space to see if they are emerging from there. He was a little afraid! He said crawl spaces were not his thing and asked me how it looked down there. I told him that I have gone down there several times to get things out and to turn water on and off during the season changes and it is pretty clean. Some spider eggs and whatnot, but clean. He told me spiders are what he fears. And exterminator? What?!

When entering my crawl space, you have to open up a little latched door on the side of my house by the patio. Once the wooden door is swung open it kicks on a light switch above. In order to turn off the light you have to reach over and switch the light off once out of the crawl space and you have to manually shut the door and lock it in place again. It is a nice little operation, but not so nice if you are deathly afraid of the crawl space, I would imagine.

What did I find once I was outside again cooking dinner later that evening? The crawl space door swung wide open (still) and the light on. I suppose the guy was so afraid that he just ran out of there and did not dare to reach his arm in again to flip the switch and grab at the door to lock it. What a wimp.

I am heading to the pool. I am losing my tan, so I have to get out there again. I have so much to read and so little time.


Dapoppins said...

When I was a kid, things like crawl spaces were areas adults had forgotten about and kids were suppose to build forts in.

You ironed something? I was thinking last night that I could use our iron for an art project, but the iron might get ruined. Not that we use it that often, except it seems, for weddings and funerals.

Hey, I hope you have a great day today.

Mrs. Sinta said...

Mr. Sinta used to have nightmares about the spiders in the crawlspace by his workshop so he set off a bug bomb before he would go in it.
Kudos for being the ideal wife; you are making the rest of us look bad.
I did not know that you tanned. Extra congratulations for that.

RickCapezza said...

I haven't gotten my shirts ironed in over four years, so I tend to agree with the Professor.

R said...

Dapoppins---Yeah, I iron about eight times a year and when it gets done, I have a huge pile. The Professor likes his jeans ironed even.

Sinta---I get some color, yeah, I guess I can tan some. I used to not be able to at all, but I think since running for so many years outside my skin got used to the idea. Now I just go to the pool and run inside.

Rick---Your wife is just my style! Apparently she has no fear that you will depart from her! I still want the Professor to mow my lawn---wait---the Oldest does that---uh, gee, what does the Professor do? Hmmm...well, he works and that is good enough I suppose. And he picks up my shoes that are scattered all about the house. He does a lot but I just can't think of anything right now! LOL!!!!Oh yeah, I know. He grills. I still want him to grill.

Aunt Jo said...

Do you sing while you iron??

thislittlepiggy said...

What a wimp, indeed! Unbelievable!

doozie said...

I once ate 10 spiders in my sleep