Here is a recording of a song I wrote called "Wait". Check it out and tell me what you think if you have the capability. I sort of did the vocals in one take so I got a little lazy. I guess they could be better, but when you have kids coming in and out when you are recording and making noise, you take what you can get and think, "maybe I will re-do that later, just not now."


Groovy Mom said...

I like it a lot! It's different somehow from a lot of your other stuff, more peaceful, less angsty. I really like the angsty stuff too, though! Angsty is probably the wrong word, but I'm at loss right now for the right one.

Aunt Jo said...

Shoot. I can't listen now.....but I will when I get home.

Nice picture!

You have beautiful eyes. :o)

thislittlepiggy said...

I can't hear a thing. I was really looking forward to the wail. Rats.

R said...

Groovy--thanks! I am always at a loss for the right word! LOL!!!

Aunt Jo---Thank you!

Piggy---I think that happens to probably half of you. Something is not compatible with your computer. I think it somehow runs itunes and some quicktime thing. Not sure how it all works out. Sometimes it stinks having a Mac.

J.M.W. said...

If you can't hear it then download Quicktime: