I May Have Killed the Game System

I went to a friend's house today mainly for my sake, but the kids did get a little play time with her kids. The Oldest hung out with her two oldest and played legos while my friend, Eraser Eater, the Girl and I played croquet outside. Everything goes back to Alice with me. At one point I did really say, "off with your head!" so that was worth the trouble of standing out in the sun and getting mosquito bites.

After croquet was over we went to the common area to pick wild blackberries. My friend got caught in the brambles so I ran over to rescue her. She was sort of twisted up, her shirt about to rip. While I did this a piercing scream rang in my ear. I turned around sharply and saw my daughter freaking out. Apparently something stung her. I had to carry her to the house and nurse her back to health. After she calmed down she said, "thankfully that bee will die now for revenge."

To my shame, this morning I actually kicked the Game Cube. I wasn't throwing a fit really, but I was pretty miffed. Apparently I allowed the kids to play the thing for a few hours and when I told them to turn it off Eraser Eater yelped, "but I didn't get a turn yet!"

That, brothers and sisters, means war. I practically spontaneously combusted at that point. #1 thing to NOT say when I allow you to play for THREE hours. I told them of my utter hatred for the game system. I told them that I think games rot your brain and this is waste. And waste is like poop.

"Do you remember if you beat level 127 of Zelda or some Luigi/Mario thing?" I may as well have said intendo. They almost opened up their mouths to correct me but I shushed them and pointed my finger in the air.

"No," someone said.

"Exactly! And you cry about this! You moan about turns and who whipped you or who beat all your guys. You cry about not having as much time as anyone else and you cry out that it is not fair. Life is not fair! And this is not worth it! I hate game cube! No one cries and whines about books! No one cries that they can't read the fifth Lemony Snickett book because someone else has it!" And this was my cue to kick it, which is what I did.

They all stared.

I put the game cube in the coat closet and walked back to them. "Next time it's a hammer and a smile on my face. Don't think I won't do it either because you know I will."

I think we need to start school tomorrow. It was easier then. The grass is always greener, eh?


Aunt Jo said...

Are you Alice??

you are my hero for kicking the kube. I want to kick the tv.

Bee Repartee said...

Our game cube cord is defunct now, and NO I will not replace it for your very reasons. If I had it my way, they would never have video games.

Groovy Mom said...

Alice played croquet too.

Um, I'm pretty sure that same scenario has played out in our home a time or two. I hate to tell you this, but they've worn me down. I no longer care how much time they spend playing video games, but I make them work for it. It's a win win situation. :-P

bristowmom said...

I see nothing insane about kicking the cube. I don't even see anything insane about taking the hammer to it. But shushing and pointing your finger into the air - I see insanity there. I was waiting for you to say there was a voice coming from the sky.

R said...

AJ---I think I AM Alice. How's that for insanity?

Bee---Yeah, don't replace it. Good for you.

Groovy---wearing me down is a possibility, but I think I would fight this to the blood. I think Game Cube gives me panic attacks.

BristowMom---I was almost certain you would think me more insane for kicking the cube. I do admit that putting my finger up in the air was pretty insane. But one has to break up the monotony---pepper things up a bit. They get scared that way.

SprinklerBandit said...

We never had a game cube to be kicked, but we certainly found other ways to drive mom to the point of insanity. Kids are pretty awful... just wait until they start trying to drive you mad.

thislittlepiggy said...

We're painting the roses red..."

I'm glad there are no game cubes in this house. :o)

Mrs. Sinta said...

I don't remember what they did to drive me to the point of insanity, but today I was looking through a very old school box (I saved all my records or schooling.), and saw how much work that I used to make them do, and I think that I was already insane. I would never attempt that much work nowadays. Of course, I have mellowed out. It is amazing how much their minds can take in. They were smarter than me. That's how they did all that work.

Natalie said...

i love when you write about stuff like this.. makes me feel like less of a freak... there are others out there who feel the same way as i do... and react the same way, too! haha.

R said...

Sprinkler---I think it is intentional already

Piggy---how fortunate

Sinta---Saving all the school work counts as insane to me. LOL

Natalie---Do feel less of a freak because I am certain I can top it! And this is not a good thing!

Dapoppins said...

You are not alone in your aggravation

doozie said...


One of your kids could grow up to be a computer game programmer, and make you very rich. Watch your back