Is There Anything the Man Can't Do?

The Professor is a little happy with himself because he gets more hits than I do, when in the past that was not so. I had to take him through some stuff to prove it to him so then he typed "John Lennon Led Zeppelin" or the other way around on Google and there you go, he is the first hit. He seemed very happy about that.

But he----

*can't clean up puke
*can't mop a floor on his hands and knees
*can't sing
*can't play an instrument (wait---he plays the tambourine---just kidding)
*can't cross his eyes
* can't cook (he can grill though!)
*can't spell the name "Diane" correctly
* can't eat a great number of foods because he would puke and then he *can't clean it up
*can't run
*can't run a mile
*can't kill a mole with a shovel
*can't drink Coors Light
*can't not buy a book
*can't not use his brain
*can't be dumb for once
*can't mow the lawn without dying of allergies
*can't stop thinking everything Oasis does is cool
*can't put things together
*can't kill a plant
*can't be still when flying insects are near
*can't stop the stacks
*can't explain his complicated books to me because it would take too many explanations of different words in order for his wife to understand them.
*can't stop veering to the right when he drives
*can't take the car for an oil change

So I gotta go get that oil change now. See ya.


Groovy Mom said...

Sounds like he's really lucky he's got you!

Dapoppins said...

That is a great list. I can see that he wouldn't be able to exist without you there to help him...

doozie said...

I think the main thing I'm concerned about is him not being able to kill a mole with a shovel.

He might have more hits on that blog of his but what in the sam hill is he saying?

R said...

Jennifer and Dapoppins---Thanks! I think I am a little bit valuable too! :)

Doozie---I was laughing at "sam hill". I can't stop. You freak. What the sam hill is the boy saying? Gee whiz.

Aunt Jo said...

Professor who??


thislittlepiggy said...

Does he know how blessed he is?

Uncle Joe said...

that's hilarious.

I tried to read his blog many times.
I tried.
Just who is hitting him?