Nonsense (don't waste your time)

Last night I was told that I always look "nonplussed."

On another very uncomfortable and negative occasion I was told that I was mean.

I think I need to quit my job. I am smiling as I say this.

At least when I am home people cry and whine when I leave because apparently I am not so mean there. But then I am rather nonplussed at all times because I tend to forget what it is that I truly need to do so I get all confused and walk around in circles.

I have been running a lot this week too. Maybe that adds to my perplexed state. I burn so many calories it burns a hole in my brain or some nonsense like that. The crazy doctor said that I should run every day instead of five times a week, so I am trying that to see if I get less tired the days I don't run. This is causing me to run 36-42 miles a week, which sounds exhausting, but I suppose if you get it done in the morning you are ok. I was more worried about whether or not my knees or legs could do it, but the doctor seemed to think it would be just fine; I only need to have a regular dose of squats and leg lifts, which I started this past week.

I should probably try to run a marathon some day, but I am afraid I would be so confused the whole time that I would run in circles instead of running straight ahead. I would most likely have to use the port-a-potties as well every half hour, so I would be the last to cross the finish line.

It's useless. I am just too mean and nonplussed to exist.


doozie said...

I think your doctor is insane.

nonplussed....haven't heard that one in awhile. Are you also "stoic"? I am, thats for sure. If someone walks by and tells me out of the blue to smile, I shave off their eyebrows with my pocket knife

Groovy Mom said...

I don't know whether or not you always look nonplussed, but I know you're not mean. Don't let the ass clowns get you down. Yeah, I know you can't call 'em that, but I can. :-)

Dapoppins said...

Is thre a reason your doctor wants you to run so much?

Don't your knees hurt?

I have to look up nonplussed. I don't think it means what I thought it means... and I thought it was spelled, non-pulsed.

Mrs. Sinta said...

Doozie is right. Your doctor is insane.

I am not sure what they meant by non-plussed, but I am sorry they hurt you with it. I hate it when people assume that I want to hear their critical personal assessments, and believe that they are somehow altruistically helping me by doing so. I have found that I can rise above my critics by being a gracious woman. Next time it happens, say this: "Thanks, Dogface. I value your input."

R said...

Doozie---I had to laugh at your comment. I AM stoic, but I only shave eyebrows off in my head.


Dapoppins---the connection to days I feel horrible is the fact that I do not exercise those days. He told me to go ahead and run six miles every single day and that should fix my problem. Not so sure, but I will try it. No, my knees don't hurt. I make sure I wear the right shoes and then I also have been strengthening my upper and lower legs so my knees do not take most of the shock.

Sinta---I think he may be. Not sure if running so much is helping, but we will see. Adjustment.

I love the Dogface comment. I had a good laugh over that. I may use it in the future.

I did say, however, to someone else in his presence, "Don't you all know that he is my absolute favorite person? Can't you tell?"